POSTADAY2011 Challenge complete! THANK YOU WordPress!

Let me start by saying… HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE! Can you believe how fast time flies?? I want to send a quick Thank You to WordPress… Last year I decided to figure out what a “blog” entailed… why not spend some time each day and see what happens? Can’t hurt, right? After a lot of research I decided on a WordPress blog, and let me say… I’m happy I flew with WordPress! I created this blog on January 1, 2011, and planned to do several posts a week. Then I noticed WordPress had a POSTADAY and a POSTAWEEK challenge… Ok, now my interest is really peaked… a POSTAWEEK challenge really isn’t a challenge for me since I feel I can ramble on about pretty much anything, and doing so only once a week is too easy, but EVERY SINGLE DAY?? Eek, that quickly started to become a challenge. It wasn’t the topics it was the time it took to research and to figure out WHAT… once I have the WHAT I’m set! WordPress has a blog you can subscribe to that gives you ideas of a topic to write about each day, they ENCOURAGE you to write. I would have to say I am THRILLED with WordPress. They strive to be the best and to constantly improve the best of the best. I have contacted their support a few times, and they are wonderful, they respond quickly, and let me just say… they are called HAPPINESS ENGINEERS for a reason! Who couldn’t love that!

Keep it up WordPress… I’ll be with you next year! A big thank you to those of you who have spent the time to follow this blog throughout the year, I have met the coolest people this past year! I’m looking forward to next year…  OK, y’all, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve… be safe, don’t drink and drive… call a taxi or have a designated driver! Catch you back here TOMORROW!

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Thank you VETERANS!


I thought the above image said a lot. It’s so true, BRAVERY DOESN’T MEAN YOU AREN’T SCARED. IT MEANS YOU GO ANYWAY. The true definition of COURAGE are the many Veterans throughout the country!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We wouldn’t live in a free country if it wasn’t for you!

Catch you back here tomorrow!