Featured Artist… Laurie Meyer!

“And On It Goes” by Laurie Meyer

We have the most beautiful old oak trees here in Charleston, SC… boy, if only trees could talk, the stories they could tell! I think Laurie captured this one nicely!

Here’s more about Laurie from the  Wells Gallery website:

Laurie Meyer has lived and painted in Charleston, SC for over twenty-five years. Following careers in education and corporate sales, Laurie devoted her life to her first love – painting – in 1997. Life in Charleston has provided Laurie with countless subjects and rich inspiration for her award winning paintings. Her frequent travels have also given Laurie varied and interesting ideas for many of her works. She paints with rich color and broad “brushy” strokes and palette knife to express the unique and recognizable softness in her work. Art has also played a role in community involvement for Laurie. She is the past president of the Mt. Pleasant Artists Guild, serving two terms. Laurie also served eight years on the Board of Directors of the Alzheimer’s Association and originated the Art of Alzheimer’s exhibit, now under the auspices of the Charleston Artist Guild. Laurie is past Program Director and past Director of Artistic Growth for the Charleston Artist Guild.  She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, Charleston Outdoor Painters Association, the SC Watercolor Association, and the Portrait Society of America. Laurie resides on Daniel Island, SC with her creative and supportive husband.  Her three daughters, on their own or in college, are also creative with art and writing. “I am thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to do something I love. Painting has been part of me since I was a child and I still live for the artistic journey. I love rich color and textural strokes painted with gesture and spontaneity. I seek interesting designs with playful shadow structures in my street scenes and rich natural colors in my landscapes. Capturing light is a challenge and a thrill. Painting “en plein air,” nature’s studio, is a luxury and a great teacher, but weather and time constraints mean I also paint in the indoor studio. Either way, my challenge is to interpret what I see and express it in my unique style.”

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Featured Artist… Kim English!

Kim English… a master of light… his paintings are striking. He is a versatile artist, the man can paint anything and it’s fabulous! Kim is in many galleries, he gives workshops (he’s giving one in Switzerland in August of this year!). The man is talented. And from artist friends I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kim, he’s a super nice guy who is talented beyond belief, he paints, he sings, good grief…! His paintings are a joy, if you aren’t familiar with Kim’s work I highly suggest you check him out, he’s in galleries all over the country! In Charleston, he’s at the Wells Gallery. I love this painting, “Conifer Sunset” (above). The one thing I love is the light on in the house with the sky getting dark, the sun setting, the day winding down… it’s magical. Oh, and those trees… L O V E  T H O S E  T R E E S !

I couldn’t make a decision, so I included two images… “Private Garden” is such a sweet painting, once again with fabulous light, and sigh… that pop of red… brilliant. I love how the shutters and window aren’t perfect, they aren’t perfectly square, they have CHARACTER. Fabulous! Here’s a blip about Kim from the Saks Galleries website (blip and images from Saks Galleries):

Colorado-based painter, Kim English, depicts in his paintings the simple beauty found in daily life. Known for his mastery of chiaroscuro, each piece speaks to the true focus of English’s inspiration the harmony existing between light and shadow. His subject matter, ranging from a street side fruit stand in Mexico to sun filled windows, creates a particular mood, through which the viewer is introduced to charming scenarios that are wrapped in depth and texture, and are entirely about paint. This is the primary force of English’s painting his astonishing manipulation of his medium. He maintains a feeling of spontaneity by completing each painting in one sitting the alla prima method. He says of using this method, Immediacy is important. Not only because it is often the nature of people, but for me it is the most instinctive way to paint.

English was born in 1957 in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in a rural community near Colorado Springs. After graduation from the Rocky Mountain School of Art he joined the faculty and later began teaching at the Art Students League of Denver and the Scottsdale Artists School. He has exhibited at the Allied Artists of America winning the Gold Medal of Honor; the National Academy of Design; the Artists of America-Denver Rotary Club; NAWA 21st Annual Exhibition; Arts for the Parks; the Colorado Governor’s Invitational – Loveland Museum; the A.R. Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art; The Knickerbocker 42nd Annual Exhibition; the Oil Painters of America and won both the Certificate of Merit and the Joseph Hartley Memorial Award at two Salmagundi Club Exhibitions.

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Artist to watch… George Pate!

Image: WellsGallery.com

George Pate has the most unique style. His paintings have caught my eye for a number of years now… love the little beach birds that he paints. I like how he paints Charleston scenes… not typical, it’s a style all his own. After reading about George, I see that he’s originally from Detroit, (Yay, George! Me too!) although now resides in Santa Fe… a place that is on our list to visit one day! The Wells Gallery in town carries his work, as does the Wells Gallery on Kiawah at the Sanctuary. If you get a chance stop in, if you’re out of town visit their website!

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Artist to watch… Sue Stewart!

Image: SueStewartPaintings.com

The artist to watch today is Sue Stewart. Love her paintings. It amazes me how so many people can paint well and some people can paint so differently (in a good way!). You can recognize their style anywhere. Sue has a nice website, check it out www.suestewartpaintings.com! She’s got a diverse collection of subjects, I love that! After reading about her on her website I see that she has taken workshops with Kevin MacPherson, Charles Sovek, Kim English and Kenn Backhaus… Whoa! A pretty impressive list! Locally Sue shows her work at the Wells Gallery in Charleston, SC, stop in and check it out!

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