Always trust your source…


Always trust your source! Especially when looking for a recipe online. There are many websites and blogs out in the cyber world, but when it comes to throwing costly ingredients together and having it turn into something fabulous, TRUST YOUR SOURCE. I have been a subscriber to Cooking Light magazine since the mid 90’s. It has changed over the years, but it has always been a great magazine FULL of fabulous recipes.

I read mine, fold down the pages of the recipes I like, then I go online to where I pull up the recipe and save it to my “recipe box”online. That way I can pull up a favorite recipe no matter where I am, a big plus for sure! Then I can pass the magazine on to a neighbor. You can also subscribe to their daily email which sends you a meal suggestion each day as well as a host of other emails targeted specifically to one type of food. This is done through, which has the recipes from Cooking Light, Southern Living and a host of other popular magazines.
If you haven’t picked up a copy of Cooking Light, I urge you to do so, or look at it at the library! Trust me, you’ll be copying down recipes like nobody’s business! It pays to subscribe, it’s much cheaper that way.
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