Eat for a better memory… the conclusion…


I mentioned last week that I ran across a great article from Reader’s Digest magazine.EAT FOR A BETTER MEMORY – 7 WAYS TO GET SHARP. A great article from a great magazine. Today we’re going to finish off the list… From Reader’s Digest:

Make time for a good breakfast. A Toronto study found breakfast helped men and women, ages 61 to 79, score better on memory tests. And when kids eat a morning meal, their exam scores improve.

Toast to a sharper mind with Merlot. Or any beer or wine for that matter. A study of 746 adults found that those who drank one to six alcoholic beverages a week were 54 percent less likely than abstainers to develop dementia over six years. That’s no license to go crazy though… the same study determined 14 or more drinks weekly increased the risk of dementia by 22 percent. [Note: this is a tricky one, for every one study that says alcohol is good, two say that it is bad… ugh.]

Brew a cup of sage tea. Sage oil has been shown by some studies to boost acetylcholine levels in the brain, improving memory function. As a tea, it also aids digestion.

Have curry with dinner tonight. An Italian study found that curry may ward off memory loss and Alzheimer’s. The seasoning is thought to enhance an enzyme that protects the brain against oxidative damage.

A nice whole grain waffle, or some oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast. A glass of wine or beer (not to exceed one drink/day otherwise you up the chances… and if you aren’t already one who consumes alcohol based on other studies it’s probably best not to start just for this reason… keep your mind active), and brew a cup of nice sage tea… most of all USE IT… constantly try to figure out new things, drive different routes to routine places, meet new people, take an art class, write, volunteer, the possibilities are endless!

The previous foods were BLUEBERRIES, COFFEE (caffeinated, for those who can handle it) and FISH.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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