Featured Artist… Jerry Rose!

“Dockside Conversation” by Jerry Rose  /  Image: Bayview Gallery

I think Bayview Gallery is full of some pretty fabulous artists. We were in Camden, ME one year and were so excited to visit the gallery, it was the first time we saw Charles Movalli’s work in person. STUNNING. HUGE pieces everywhere. We signed up for their mailing list which notifies you of any new artists, etc. We received an email the other day introducing artist Jerry Rose. Don’t you love this painting? The water looks like glass… I love the brilliant white boat against the oh-so-dark water… and those fabulous reflections… makes for a very nice painting! If you’re in Maine, Bayview Gallery has two locations, one in Camden and one in Brunswick. Stop in, say hello and take a look at all the fabulous art!

A blip about Jerry from the Bayview Gallery website:

Jerry Rose  Sedgwick, Maine painter Jerry Rose uses dynamic brushwork and luscious textures to capture the ever changing landscape of the mid-coast and neighboring islands. He has an affinity for the working waterfronts and vernacular architecture of the small villages that make up his local scene.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Jerry Rose!

  1. Hello Barbara,

    Thanks for the kind words about Bayview Gallery and Jerry Rose – we are excited to have his paintings! As a painter myself, I was immediately drawn to Jerry’s wonderful textures and the quality of light in his paintings.


    Robert Colburn
    Bayview Gallery


    1. Bayview Gallery is a treat! We look so forward to it each year, you have a wonderful group of artists! Jerry’s work really stands out, love it! Will see you soon! Thanks for commenting, B


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