Featured Artist… Jerry Rose!

“Dockside Conversation” by Jerry Rose  /  Image: Bayview Gallery

I think Bayview Gallery is full of some pretty fabulous artists. We were in Camden, ME one year and were so excited to visit the gallery, it was the first time we saw Charles Movalli’s work in person. STUNNING. HUGE pieces everywhere. We signed up for their mailing list which notifies you of any new artists, etc. We received an email the other day introducing artist Jerry Rose. Don’t you love this painting? The water looks like glass… I love the brilliant white boat against the oh-so-dark water… and those fabulous reflections… makes for a very nice painting! If you’re in Maine, Bayview Gallery has two locations, one in Camden and one in Brunswick. Stop in, say hello and take a look at all the fabulous art!

A blip about Jerry from the Bayview Gallery website:

Jerry Rose  Sedgwick, Maine painter Jerry Rose uses dynamic brushwork and luscious textures to capture the ever changing landscape of the mid-coast and neighboring islands. He has an affinity for the working waterfronts and vernacular architecture of the small villages that make up his local scene.

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Featured Artist… Charles Movalli!

Looking Toward Fish Beach, Monhegan” by Charles Movalli

Image: BayviewGallery.com

I admire artist Charles Movalli. I would truly like to meet him one day. He seems to be a nice guy with a sense of humor. I love that. His paintings are spectacular. My husband and I first spotted his paintings at Bayview Gallery in Camden, ME back in 2006. I can still see that painting hanging up high, it was the hull of a boat with the American flag. I was captivated. It was a large painting and it was spectacular! Since that time I’ve seen plenty of his paintings that I just fall in love with! “Looking Toward Fish Beach, Monhegan” is one… another that was on the Walls Gallery website (so I’m not sure where the painting is now or if it has sold), it was called “Just Another Workday”. Did you read the other day where I mentioned that little pop of an orange or red in a painting can make all the difference… so can a larger pop… love this one!

“Just Another Workday” by Charles Movalli , Image from Walls Gallery 

Here’s a blip about Charles from the Walls Gallery website (the Walls Gallery closed the Wilmington, NC locationDecember 2011, which I was sad to hear… Walls was a nice gallery with some fabulous artists, to mention a few: Ken DeWaard, Tim Bell, Larry Moore, Cindy Baron) click HERE for more info… I see they mention that the Walls Gallery may be opening at the Greenbrier resort some time this year)…

Charles Movalli

Charles is a great ambassador for the Cape Ann School.   Cape Ann is the longest active artist colony in the United States.  No surprise. The place is one painting after another, just waiting to be painted. After all this time, you’d think the nay-sayers of art, the It’s-all-been-done crowd, might have a point, but Motif #1 still draws painters, who are still doing something that’s never been done before. Charles’ lecture on the Cape Ann School is not to be missed. Winslow Homer, Childe Hassam, Edward Hopper, John Sloan,Emile Gruppe are a few of the regulars going back nearly 200 years. Gloucester and Rockport are plagued by picturesqueness.  It’s catching.  Trash bins may even be lovely.

The focus of the artists Charles admired and learned from as a young painter (Emile GruppeCarl PetersAldro Hibbard) was composition, and his paintings have a solid structure even amid dinghies bobbing at the dock and buildings listing under their years.

Charles has a PhD in English and has written books and articles galore.  The books, though pricey if you can find one, are fantastic reads for any student of painting covering not only many laudable artists, but also composition, color, and the wielding of the brush.  We are still waiting for the book on Charles himself, but he has let us know that some things will melt and others freeze over before we’ll see that book.  We’ll enjoy his paintings while we wait.

I told you… he’s got a sense of humor… love that! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Stefan Pastuhov!

One Red One by Stefan Pastuhov / Image: BayviewGallery.com

Artist to watch… Featured Artist… hmmm… I originally called these posts ARTIST TO WATCH, but I don’t want you to think that they’re all up and coming artists since some are well (very well) established… so I’m changing ARTIST TO WATCH to FEATURED ARTIST… I enjoy featuring both types of artists, since some of the newer ones can be equally amazing! Now… on with the post…

Stefan Pastuhov is an artist who’s work i’ve admired for a long time now… it’s magic how he can simplify a scene and make it so wonderful. I am captivated by his subject matter, since it’s a place I hold dear to my heart. Maine. Say no more…

Stefan shows his work at Bayview Gallery (located in Camden and Brunswick, ME), here is a little blip from their website:

Descended from Russian grandparents who fled to America in 1917, Stefan Pastuhov is a devoted outdoor sportsman and a plein air artist whose paintings capture the landscape he loves.

He has more information on his website as well as some pretty fantastic paintings… check it out!

One more for your viewing pleasure… Catch you back here tomorrow!

Burnt Cove Lobster Shack by Stefan Pastuhov / Image: BayviewGallery.com

Artist to watch… Ron DeFelice!

Image: BayviewGallery.com

We often search our favorite galleries online, especially when the gallery isn’t near where we live. It’s SO NICE to be able to see what the gallery has to offer from the comfort of your favorite chair! Bayview Gallery has two locations, one in Camden and one in Brunswick, Maine. There is an artist Ron DeFelice that has some wonderful work. We haven’t seen Ron’s work in person yet, but it’s on our list next time we make it to Maine! Check it out if you get a chance!

Here is a blip straight from the Bayview Gallery website: After graduating from RISD with a BFA in Illustration, Ron deFelice worked for many years as a freelance illustrator in the New York city area before going to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation. Still in the animation business, and with many film credits to his name, Ron brings a keen eye for light and color to his plein air painting.
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Artist Charles Movalli, whoa!

Image: BayviewGallery.com

Bayview Gallery has a wonderful collection of Charles Movalli’s work. I think his colors are fresh. I am drawn to his pallette.  What can I say, some people love other stuff, we love art. LOVE. IT. Me, being the aspiring (ok, so that’s stretching it) artist that I am really appreciates OTHER peoples art. It facinates me how they make it happen. There is nothing I would rather do than to watch someone paint. You know why? IT’S LIKE MAGIC! I will watch and be “in the zone” and I’M NOT EVEN THE ONE PAINTING! Ha ha… I watch carefully and I think, I TOO CAN DO THIS… but then to try… whoa… another story indeed. I’m not saying I’m bad, I’m just not good, but I need to paint more often, so… Someone out there, give me an assignment. My biggest hangup is WHAT to paint? I keep trying to find something easy enough and I end up spending all my time searching for WHAT and then TADA… time to make dinner… I think I need to master painting indoors before I can move the great outdoors. So with that being said… any takers? hee hee.

If you’re in Maine and are in Camden or Brunswick, stop by Bayview Gallery! This is a little blip about artist Charles Movalli from the Bayview Gallery website:
Holder of a PhD. in English, Gloucester painter Charles Movalli uses dramatic brushwork to capture the essence of a scene. A student of Emille Gruppe, Movalli has received more than fifty awards for his vibrant work.
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