Featured Artist… Josh Elliott!

JoshElliott WinterWillows JE

Winter Willows by Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is an amazing Montana artist… His landscapes  are magnificent!  The warm and cool colors seem to flow together effortlessly creating a beautiful snowscape! As we near the first day of winter (Friday) I thought this was an appropriate painting… Josh has an excellent website, if you have a minute, check it out!

The painting I initially selected entitled “MATINEE” has already sold, so if you see one you like you better snap it up! Look at the clouds in this painting!!! They took my breath away!

JoshElliott Matinee JE

Matinee by Josh Elliott (Sold)

A blip about Josh from Claggett/Rey Gallery in Vail, CO:

Josh Elliott was born in Great Falls, MT in 1973. He was raised to appreciate art and is a third generation artist. His grandfather studied with Grant Wood and dabbled in all sorts of artistic pursuits. His father, wildlife artist Steve Elliott, gave up a successful career as an ER doctor to become a full-time artist.  Josh’s father taught and encouraged him. Josh learned the importance of painting from life and discovered his passion for painting outdoors. He sees his outdoor paintings as a reaction to what is in front of him, and feels they act as exercise to sharpen his skills. He considers his studio paintings to be a culmination of everything he has learned from painting out, combined with his own artistic interpretation.

Born in Montana, Josh lived out of state for some time but always felt a deep connection with Montana’s landscape and people. Josh now lives with his wife and two daughters in Helena, Montana.

Josh says, “A good painting, to me, is Nature’s truth filtered through the artist.”

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Josh Elliott!

  1. Fantastic! You have good taste Barbara (she said modestly).
    I was just up to Rockland, ME to see the Frank Benson and the Wyeths at the Farnsworth. The Benson was stunning!
    We, of course, dropped into Dowling Walsh to see some of Colin’s amazing paintings and also some by Connie Hayes.
    This morning, I’m headed up to Portland Art Museum in Maine to see the Winslow Homer show.


    1. Ohmygosh! Have a wonderful time! You’re seeing lots of good stuff in one trip! I love Colin and Connie’s work @ DW! Amazing! I heard that the Winslow Homer show was amazing! Will check out Frank Benson! Thanks for the tip!


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