Meeting for coffee…


Meet my new friend and fellow blogger, Kate Mura. Kate has an interesting daily photo blog (it’s not easy to post something daily!), VISUAL ST. PAUL, check it out if you get a moment!

What a nice lady! We met at Cafe Medley on Sullivan’s Island. What a cool place! Hint, hint… GREAT coffee! They had some good looking food, bottles of wine, all kinds of delicious treats! I see a future post for sure! Fred and I will have to go back in the name of research 😉

Kate is cool. She is so interesting and full of wise words. I hope that I’ll be like that one day! It was nice to meet you Kate! I look forward to meeting you again next time you’re in Charleston!!

Kate and Barbara

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Meeting for coffee…

  1. Barbara, Thank you for the kind and generous words! One of the best parts of my 2 months in Charleston/Mount Peasant was meeting you and spending time chatting about our lives, our families, and blogging (of course). I feel confident that we will keep in touch, even if it’s only through the internet. Go well and stay well, Barbara…you are a lovely person, and it was my pleasure meeting you. Carry on with your art world; your posts give me great enjoyment!


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