Featured Artist… Christine Sharp!


Yakima Canyon Spring by Christine Sharp

Christine’s art is different. I like that! The colors are vivid, the content not cluttered with detail. It seems to be the most simplified version of what she’s seeing. The colors and subject matter make for fabulous and interesting paintings! I urge you to check out her other pieces!

Here’s a blip about Christine from her website:

Chicago native, Christine Sharp moved to Seattle in 1978 to complete her Master’s Degree and teach at the University of Washington.

Sharp is a renaissance woman, having reinvented herself several times. “My friends say I am like a curious cat with many lives,” says Sharp. So far she’s thrived as a nurse/family therapist, college teacher/researcher, entrepreneur, documentary writer/producer, CNN news director/investigative reporter and for the past 12 years a respected fine artist.

“While some may see my choices as random and disconnected there are interesting links,” says Sharp. “I started out in the health and healing arts and gradually moved into the literary/visual arts . I’ve never been afraid to learn something new and seek out the best teachers to show me the way!”

Along the way, Sharp’s picked up some of the nation’s top awards for her writing and directing. In 1990 Sharp won the coveted Peabody Award and the Gold Medal in the New York Film Festival for her documentary “BACKHAULING” on unsafe trucking practices that aired on MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour.

After sharing the Peabody stage with luminaries like Ted Koppel, CNN’s Boys from Bagdad, Ken Burns and David Lynch, Sharp was recruited by CNN to pioneer the first Northwest News Desk. She investigated/directed news coverage of all the major stories of the 90’s…from Clinton, Gore, Dylan, Santana, and the Queen…to Harding, Simpson, Lewinsky and Unabomber. Sharp told the world the news of the day through her unique lense.

Then following a brush with death from a misdiagnosed genetic blood clotting disorder, Sharp put down pen and camera and picked up the brush. “I always loved to draw and paint but thought I’d wait until I was in the rocking chair to get serious about art. I’m so glad I started a bit earlier to pursue this path. No one knows how much time they have here!” says Sharp. 

Sharp began her art career tackling WATERCOLORS and studied with some of the best artist/teachers like Eric Weigardt, Charles Reid and Zolton Szabo. Sharp earned her signature status in the NWWS, Northwest Watercolor Society, in 2012.

Sharp began painting in oils in 2010 after studying with renown master Ned Meuller. She enjoys Plein Air painting for inspiration but prefers to paint her carefully designed oils in a larger format in her studio in Kirkland,Washington. Sharp is a juried member of the Oil Painter’s of America. Her work is widely collected by corporations and private collectors.

Sharp has been in numerous national and international art shows and galleries. She writes for Artist Magazine and is the founder of the annual Kirkland Artist Studio Tour.  

Currently Sharp is exclusively represented by LISA HARRIS GALLERY, one of the oldest and most respected gallery in Seattle, Washington located in Pike Street Market. CONTACT/DIRECTIONS

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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