“I do” or shall I say… “I did”…

fred barbara first photo 1991
First photo taken of us at my sister’s house… 1991!

Twenty one years ago today I said “I do” to the sweetest man on Earth, my husband, Fred Stroud. I remember that day well! We were so excited to get married, we didn’t want to wait for an evening wedding… we were married at noon on a hot August day. We had a beautiful wedding in Summerville, SC – we left the reception on the way to the John Rutledge House Inn (Charleston, SC).  It was such a treat to spend the first (luxurious) night in Charleston!

John Rutledge House Inn Balcony, Charleston, SC [image]
John Rutledge House Inn Balcony, Charleston, SC
After we checked in and put our bags in our room we had family meet us at the inn to sit out on the veranda. Spending time with my husband and family at the most beautiful inn was such a treat! As was the breakfast the next morning… we had slept through it and there was a knock at our door, they brought us breakfast in bed… it was scrumptious and so beautifully delivered. Something I’ll never forget!

John Rutledge House Inn Suite [image]
John Rutledge House Inn Suite
I swear, if this isn’t our room it was one very similar… When the bellman was showing us the room, he told us to “feel free to walk around the hotel and enjoy the beautiful art work, such as the piece above the mantel“… it was a piece that my dad had painted!!! He snuck down early that day and asked them to hang the painting… what a wonderful gift! Here is a photo of it… it’s not a good one… reflections make this a tough one to take a photo of… so disregard the reflections, and the fact that I had to crop off the frame, this is a watercolor by my dad, Joe Fidler… (frame cropped to get it somewhat square, sigh…).

Painting by Joe Fidler
Painting by Joe Fidler

From the moment I met Fred I KNEW he was the one. There was something about him. We clicked. Is it cliche to say that we’re soul mates? Well, we are, I can’t think of any other word to describe it. He is an amazing man, and I pray that I am as wonderful a wife as he is a husband. Something tells me I got the “lucky end of the stick”… ha ha…

Fred, 1992 - I love this guy!
Fred, 1992 – I love this guy!

Here’s to you Fred! You’re the best! I feel so blessed…

Charlie and his dad... Fred!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


O NE   Y E A R   A G O..  You see this man? He is the love of my life!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…  The great escape on our wedding day… 19 years ago…


14 thoughts on ““I do” or shall I say… “I did”…

  1. A lovely story about both your wedding and honeymoon, Barbara. Congratulations! Last February we celebrated our 51st; may you and Fred enjoy one another as long as we have!


      1. Bobo

        Wow, congrats! You two are amazing and what a delight to be around. Your dad and I just celebrated 55 yrs…what good taste I had at 19 yrs. old. I loved sharing the Rutledge that day with you both. Lots of love and many more. Mom


  2. Marti Esarey

    I can’t think of two more wonderfully matched people. Congratulations on many happy years together and I hope that there are many more ahead!


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