Featured Artist… Alice Mumford!

Painting from the Silver Light Collection by Alice Mumford
Painting from the Silver Light Collection by Alice Mumford

Alice Mumford, an artist living and teaching in Cornwall, UK. Alice’s paintings have depth and character. She has a keen eye for color and light. Her work is divided into categories (on her website) First Light, Silver Light, and Colour Blast. The image above is from the Silver Light collection. It’s a wonderful painting… love the layers, and the colors… fabulous! Alice describes each of her collections, here are her words for the Silver Light Collection:

Sometimes when the sun is at a certain angle or there are particular clouds the sea acts like a giant silver platter up-lighting the coastal area where we live in Cornwall.  This light effect has a sort of liquid feel reminding me of silver when it has been melted.  Anne Redpath painted some wonderful pictures using different greys, some warm, some cool but they always have a vitality unexpected with greys.  Maybe is the stronger colours which she has under-painted with.

My mother, also a painter, suggested to me when I was quite young that Bonnard made silver shadows and that that is what you see when in the South of France.  I’m not sure I understood but it has intrigued me ever since.  Maybe it’s the way Bonnard places splodges of a lighter tone on top of a darker area, then another splodge of darker tone on top of that, which gives a shimmer to the shadows.  

Perhaps up-lighting intensifies the colours in shadows whether in sunshine in the bay of Nice where Bonnard lived and worked, or on a grey day in Cornwall by the coast, and this is what appeals.  Winifred Nicholson writes so well about how light and colours bounce around.  “Thus all the most brilliant things of nature are composed of tiny facets or mirrors which reflect – and reflect each other: kingfisher’s breast, jay’s feather, butterfly’s wing, fish’s scales, flower petals in all their transparency.  Each may appear one hue, but in reality under the microscope are made up of many varied hues in true harmony, heightening each other’s true brilliance.”

Painting by Alice Mumford (Archived)
Painting by Alice Mumford (Archived)

I love the dark colors in this painting, it really makes the rest of it stand out… The brush work… wild and wonderful!

Read a blip about Alice from her website, to read more, click HERE

‘Sometimes I ask myself what would I lose or miss if I didn’t paint directly from life? I am excited by and wonder at what is revealed by the simple act of looking. The shapes between things and beats of tone seem to affect me. Painting is a way of thinking through what you are looking at. Then the looking becomes more than a naming of objects. It gives you a chance to look at the world without words through interacting shapes, subtle tonal differences and rhythms, warm darks, cool lights. It can involve the abstract, your senses, memory. 

‘Different combinations of colour for the palette or a new pigment can help express that perception and give it form. In particular, Gamboge Yellow Lake, which has a golden quality of warmth and light. It is quite translucent, unlike Naples or yellow ochre, and not as acid as cadmium or lemon. It has edginess and energy.”

Alice Mumford
September 2008


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