Featured Artist… Alice Mumford!

Painting from the Silver Light Collection by Alice Mumford
Painting from the Silver Light Collection by Alice Mumford

Alice Mumford, an artist living and teaching in Cornwall, UK. Alice’s paintings have depth and character. She has a keen eye for color and light. Her work is divided into categories (on her website) First Light, Silver Light, and Colour Blast. The image above is from the Silver Light collection. It’s a wonderful painting… love the layers, and the colors… fabulous! Alice describes each of her collections, here are her words for the Silver Light Collection:

Sometimes when the sun is at a certain angle or there are particular clouds the sea acts like a giant silver platter up-lighting the coastal area where we live in Cornwall.  This light effect has a sort of liquid feel reminding me of silver when it has been melted.  Anne Redpath painted some wonderful pictures using different greys, some warm, some cool but they always have a vitality unexpected with greys.  Maybe is the stronger colours which she has under-painted with.

My mother, also a painter, suggested to me when I was quite young that Bonnard made silver shadows and that that is what you see when in the South of France.  I’m not sure I understood but it has intrigued me ever since.  Maybe it’s the way Bonnard places splodges of a lighter tone on top of a darker area, then another splodge of darker tone on top of that, which gives a shimmer to the shadows.  

Perhaps up-lighting intensifies the colours in shadows whether in sunshine in the bay of Nice where Bonnard lived and worked, or on a grey day in Cornwall by the coast, and this is what appeals.  Winifred Nicholson writes so well about how light and colours bounce around.  “Thus all the most brilliant things of nature are composed of tiny facets or mirrors which reflect – and reflect each other: kingfisher’s breast, jay’s feather, butterfly’s wing, fish’s scales, flower petals in all their transparency.  Each may appear one hue, but in reality under the microscope are made up of many varied hues in true harmony, heightening each other’s true brilliance.”

Painting by Alice Mumford (Archived)
Painting by Alice Mumford (Archived)

I love the dark colors in this painting, it really makes the rest of it stand out… The brush work… wild and wonderful!

Read a blip about Alice from her website, to read more, click HERE

‘Sometimes I ask myself what would I lose or miss if I didn’t paint directly from life? I am excited by and wonder at what is revealed by the simple act of looking. The shapes between things and beats of tone seem to affect me. Painting is a way of thinking through what you are looking at. Then the looking becomes more than a naming of objects. It gives you a chance to look at the world without words through interacting shapes, subtle tonal differences and rhythms, warm darks, cool lights. It can involve the abstract, your senses, memory. 

‘Different combinations of colour for the palette or a new pigment can help express that perception and give it form. In particular, Gamboge Yellow Lake, which has a golden quality of warmth and light. It is quite translucent, unlike Naples or yellow ochre, and not as acid as cadmium or lemon. It has edginess and energy.”

Alice Mumford
September 2008


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Featured Artist… Dee Beard Dean!

Early Snowfall by Dee Beard Dean
Early Snowfall by Dee Beard Dean

A stunning painting, right? Dee Beard Dean is well know nationwide and has quite a following. Dee’s work is nothing short of amazing, she paints both plein air (outdoors) and does studio paintings.  I thought I would feature a few of her winter scenes. I love snow scenes (especially in the heat of the summer!), there is something that feels like home about them. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in Michigan? Dee’s paintings make you feel as if you are there! She has quite a way with light and shadow, wouldn’t you say? I love that little splash of red in this painting…

After the Snowfall by Dee Beard Dean
After the Snowfall by Dee Beard Dean

Yet another fabulous winter scene, where you can feel the cold from the snow but also the warmth from the sun. Again, amazing light and shadows. I love the dark branches with the highlights of white… She’s got great color and brushstrokes in the snow and it’s nice how you can feel perspective in this painting – simply fabulous!

The holiday season officially kicks off and is in full swing. Many of you are out and about today on “Black Friday” trying to find just the right gift…  Have you considered the gift of art? It’s the gift that keeps on giving, year after year!

These paintings are available (as I write this a few days ahead) at Galerie on Broad – located at 29 Broad Street, Charleston, SC – you can contact them at 843.410.6332 or email them at galerieonbroad@me.com. Better yet, if you’re in the area stop in and say hello!

In case you aren’t familiar with Dee…

Dee Beard Dean - Biography

Dee Beard Dean has been painting all her life.  She was raised in the Amish countryside of rural Indiana and studied at Grand Rapids College, Kendall College of Art, and the New York Academy of Art.  After marriage, she moved to the Florida Keys where she became a professional painter and passed the gift of painting to her two children, Terry Sargent and John Beard, both of whom are now successful artists.  Before gaining recognition as a portrait and landscape painter, Dee pursued a career in fashion, designing and manufacturing her own clothing line with a national label.

 Dee is a passionate and prolific artist who has studied with many renowned artists and is nationally recognized for her painterly landscapes and her expertise in many media including pastels, watercolors, and oils.  Her greatest inspirations have come from painting en plein air where her eye for color and composition, and her elevated senses guide her hand in creating paintings filled with evocative light and dramatic shadows. 

 Dee founded the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast (PAP-SE), a professional organization of acclaimed plein air artists living and working in the southeastern US.  Her workshops are in great demand, offering instruction in this country and in beautiful locales around the world.  She is also well known for her portraits and has done many noteworthy commissions.  Dee has received many awards at juried art competitions and has been published in regional and national journals.  Her artworks can currently be seen at fine art galleries around the country.  Dee resides in Charleston, SC with her husband, Dr. Nicolai Chalfa.  Her first book, A Painter by Providence, is in publication.

Images and bio via DEEBEARDDEAN.COM


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T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   The most awesome saute pan ever!

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Featured Artist… Dan Gerhartz!

Wrapped in Winter by Dan Gerhartz
Wrapped in Winter by Dan Gerhartz

Dan Gerhartz. Whoa. Just look at this painting Wrapped in Winter… how can someone create something so beautiful? The winter scene in the background is stunning, but when you place a beautiful girl and a horse it is just stunning… you can feel the cold from the snow and the warmth from the girl and horse… Gorgeous!

Dan has a fabulous website, be sure to check out his paintings, they are simply incredible! He also writes one heck of a blog, so be sure to give that a peek if you’re an art lover!

Dan also has a book and a few instructional videos for purchase via his website that are amazing. Watch the trailer for the latest “The Beginning of Autumn”!

Wrapped in Winter by Dan Gerhartz
Evening on the Riverwalk by Dan Gerhartz

Evening on the Riverwalk is another striking painting (when you look at them all you’ll see they are all striking!) – I love nocturnes, especially with that great warm light, the beautiful color of the snow that looks so real you could actually walk right into this scene. Lovely!

Read a blip about Dan from InSight Gallery’s website, he sounds like one cool guy:

Born in 1965 in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, where he now lives with his wife Jennifer, and their young children, Dan’s interest in art emerged as a teenager. Studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois and his voracious appetite for museums and the modern masters such as John Singer Sargent, Alphonse Mucha, Nicolai Fechin, Joaquin Sorolla, Carl von Marr as well as a host of other French and American impressionists have inspired him.

Dan has a particular interest and appreciation for modern Russian art and the sumptuous canvases of the painters Nicolai Fechin, Isaac Levitan and Ilya Repin. As Dan says, their paintings are “completely loose yet deliberate and faithful, not at all flashy.”

Indeed, the powerful and evocative beauty of Gerhartz’s paintings are also due in large measure to looseness, honesty and faithfulness of his style. Dan’s paintings embrace a range of subjects, most prominently the female figure in either a pastoral setting or an intimate interior. He is at his best with subjects from everyday life, genre subjects, sacred-idyllic landscapes or figures in quiet repose, meditation or contemplative isolation.

His mastery of the female figure, the clothed figure especially, is brilliant. He has drawn inspiration from the very old tradition of romanticism and symbolism. His absolutely lavish surfaces, color and lighting are in harmony with his expressionistic brushstroke, application and modeling of light and shade.

His paintings are sensitive yet evocative creations, which dramatize his bold and ambitious technique. He is at his very best when he allows himself to explore the surface in a free and painterly manner, while retaining his sense of other worldliness.

His subjects evoke a timelessness and idealism, yet for the most part Dan has drawn upon his home and community in Wisconsin, including family and friends. His sense of intimacy and honesty with regard to his subjests are a direct result of his closeness and proximity to them. A projection of tranquillity, repose and rich introspection result from his knowledge of the content of his art.

In Gerhartz’s pictures the ordinary or commonplace is transformed into a higher reality and consequently a sense of greater importance. Emotions are a vital part of his express design, while his mastery of anatomy, the human form and complex surfaces combine to make his canvases very powerful visual experiences.

About his work Dan has said, “My desire as an artist is that the images I paint would point to the Creator, and not to me, the conveyor. J.S. Bach said it well as he signed his work, ‘Soli DeoGloria,’ To God alone be the glory.”



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Featured Artist… Terry Miura!

Private Lives by Terry Miura
Private Lives by Terry Miura

This painting is so striking… it jumped right out at me, and I absolutely love it! The undertones and layers of paint really make this stand out. The fabulous light hitting the building with the shadows not far away… then that fabulous green… especially where the light hits, like on the ladder… STUNNING! I urge you to check out Terry’s work, it really is worth taking a look… if you aren’t familiar with him, I promise you will see some amazing paintings!

Arcangelo No. 3 by Terry Miura
Arcangelo No. 3 by Terry Miura

Fabulous, right? This looks like something that was created centuries ago… there is just enough detail… and again, those wonderful layers and gorgeous background! Terry’s website is so good… full of information! Check out the 2014 Workshop Schedule as well as his blog!

Read a blip about Terry from his website:

After graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1990, Terry Miura headed out to New York City to pay his dues. He began his career as a freelance illustrator, creating imagery for such clients as Time, Newsweek, Rollingstone, and Sports Illustrated, to name a few.​

In between illustration assignments he painted and exhibited cityscapes, and continued his transition to becoming a full time painter after returning to the West Coast in 1996.​

Miura’s evocative tonalist landscapes explore the relationship between memory, emotions, and identity. “Although they’re still very much representational,” says Miura, “they’re not about specific locations. Well, actually they are, but the locations are found in my and the viewer’s memories. Not out there in the physical world. “​ 

With atmosphere, mood, and abstraction as driving characteristics of his work, Miura has, more recently been revis- iting the complexities of the cityscape as a major part of his repertoire. Urban Aria, his latest solo exhibition at Thomas Reynolds Gallery in San Francisco, illustrates his mastery in this genre.​

Emotion and abstraction carries over to his figurative works. It is in this genre that Miura finds most personal expression; “In painting the figure, I allow myself to get lost in the process and take more risks. Only by deconstructing the representational and the objective, am I able to tap into the more subconscious, intuitive voice which for me, is at once mysterious and authentic.”

His works are represented by Sloane Merrill Gallery in Boston, Thomas Reynolds Gallery in San Francisco, Anne Irwin Gallery in Atlanta, Sekula’s in Sacramento, and Holton Studio in Emeryville, Ca.



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T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Richard Oversmith!

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Featured Artist… Elaine Lisle!

Red Corner on Main by Elaine Lisle
Red Corner on Main by Elaine Lisle (image)

I think Elaine’s use of color is amazing! She’s definitely not afraid of it! Elaine has some spectacular paintings and a variety of subject matter.The color in the building (Red Corner on Main) is fabulous as are the shadows that play against the light… this looks like a place you could walk right up to and have a lovely lunch sitting in the sunshine…

Lobsters and Crabs by Elaine Lisle (image)
Lobsters and Crabs by Elaine Lisle (image)

After enjoying a nice lunch basking in the warmth of the sun you could meander over to Lobsters and Crabs and pick up something to throw together for dinner… Elaine’s paintings are fabulous and make you wish you were there!

Read a blip about Elaine from her website (there is more, so be sure to check it out)!

My paintings express the feeling of awe I have with the landscape. They are more likely to be joyous, energetic, vibrant, complex works as opposed to gentle, pastel or brooding canvasses. I look for the surprise in the composition, whether it be a statement made by a lone figure, a spot of orange found in an otherwise green wood, or an unusual lavender reflection in a river at dusk. It is exciting for me to take an ordinary scene and make it extraordinary.

I have been painting my whole life, and professionally since 1994. I work only in oil. I love painting en plein air (outdoors from life), as well as completing larger works in the studio from on-site studies, reference sketches, and photographs. With commissioned works I generally complete more than one on-site sketch and often use reference photographs as well.

I live and work in the Philadelphia area and love to travel, bringing my painting equipment wherever I go. I enjoy capturing bright warm colors, the long shadows of late afternoon, and creating complex compositions so the viewer has much to contemplate. Paintings can be found in the most unlikely places, as well as the likely ones. I know I have been successful in my work when the viewer feels as though he or she has been there. People often say, “It feels like you could walk right into it!”.

Painting is part of my life’s journey. Producing art is a journey in itself, as I never know when I begin a painting where it will take me.

Elaine is represented by the Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.


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Featured Artist… Judith Carducci!

Tessa's Hearth by Judith Carducci
Tessa’s Hearth by Judith Carducci

Judith Carducci is an amazing pastel artist – I adore how she did this interior above. The golden glow of the fireplace and the portions left somewhat unfinished but so very cool!

Monhegan from the Cemetery by Judith Carducci
Monhegan from the Cemetery by Judith Carducci

For those of you who have been to Monhegan, ME, you will instantly recognize this view – spectacular, right? Pastels are a medium I’m not really familiar with, I just know when I see something I like, and I like this… be sure to check out more of Judith’s work, as well as her upcoming workshops!

Read a blip about Judith from her website:

Critique - a self portrait by Judith Carducci
Critique – a self portrait by Judith Carducci

When I was a child, my art teacher had me copy “Holbein Heads” – drawings by the great Hans Holbein, portraitist to the court of England’s King Henry VIII. That was the beginning of my lifelong fascination with portraiture and my enduring respect for Holbein’s genius. Even now, my teacher’s voice, as she showed me the fine points of his skill, echoes in my ear: “Look for the lost and found!” 

This self portrait of the artist on a coffee break, in intense concentration assessing the work in progress (values? edges? gesture? composition…?), is also my homage to Holbein, his strength of characterization and his use of color (especially in the simple rich green background). And it is nostalgic for me – a reminder of my love and gratitude for my teacher.

ALL IMAGES via JudithCarducci.com


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Thanksgiving… Thank YOU! I am grateful…

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Bowens Island Seafood Restaurant Menu!

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[f e a t u r e d a r t i s t ] L y n n D u n b a r !

My Pet Chickens by Lynn Dunbar
My Pet Chickens by Lynn Dunbar

Such bright vivid colors make Lynn’s work so happy to look at! These chickens have ATTITUDE! Lynn captured the light perfectly… this is a great painting!

Anderson's View II by Lynn Dunbar
Anderson’s View II by Lynn Dunbar – Image: AmericanImpressionistSociety.org

This painting was accepted into the American Impressionist Society’s 2013 show held at M Gallery of Fine Art (soon to be named Principle Gallery). Fine work indeed! If you’re in the Charleston, SC area, you can still see this painting, the show runs through October 30, 2013!

Read a blip about Lynn from the Malton Gallery website:

Everything we do through out our day influences our moods and actions. Viewing art can set the tune for an entire day. I believe that people should surround themselves with art that makes them feel good and emits positive energy.  A good piece of art can take us out of ourselves and transport us to a different season, place or time.

Landscapes and color are my passion. I travel the back roads looking for new places to paint.  One of my favorite things to do is to hike in the woods. The forest surrounds me, holds me, and envelops me.  Standing amidst the encompassing forest trees is an awe-inspiring experience, bringing me closer to my higher power. When I paint the landscape, I hope to create a scene that one can walk into and feel. Feel the light, feel the dimensionality and the universality of nature. The hues I see are intriguing, and it seems like the harder I look, the more colors I see. 

Eventually the high wears off and I go back to my studio and paint.

After graduating from Purdue University, I was an advertising art director for many years before picking up a paintbrush.  Painting has been therapeutic to me in dealing with the loss of my son to childhood cancer.  I donate a portion of my proceeds from the sale of each painting to Childhood Cancer Research. 

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to study with Wolf Kahn in Vermont, Skip Whitcomb in Colorado and Michael Carter in Kentucky. I was honored to be one of the featured artists in the book “Painting Indiana ll” published by Indiana University Press.


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Coastal Carolina Fair Begins Tonight (2012)

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Karen Smidth – a bazaar artist in a  very good way!

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[featured artist] D A N I E L A L D A N A !

Vines at Night by Daniel Aldana
Vines at Night by Daniel Aldana

Daniel Aldana has a fabulous style. I love his loose textured brush strokes as well as every subject matter he paints. This guy is good. I love his story, as told by Roger’s Gardens Fine Art Gallery. It shows how strong a passion for art can be. I think it’s great that he followed what he really felt in his heart… I think this is a good reminder to us all to be passionate about what we choose to do in life if at all possible!

That yellow light against the darkness of the house is stunning! It wasn’t easy to only pick a few, so be sure to check his website out for yourself!

The Morning Heat by Daniel Aldana
The Morning Heat by Daniel Aldana

Another nice painting! Can’t you just feel the warmth from the sun? Lovely in every way! Be sure to check out Daniel’s blog, its wonderful!

Also… an article that was in Southwest Art magazine – A Passion for Plein Air – Meet 12 Artists who honor the landscape by capturing it in person: Daniel Aldana is one of those artists!

Read a blip about Daniel from Roger’s Gardens Fine Art Gallery website:

Daniel Aldana is an early career artist living in Southern California. He has had a lifelong love of art and like many artists, spent his childhood drawing. After high school he attended a small liberal arts college and majored in art. His primary interest was art history and figure drawing. Unlike many artists, he then decided to go to medical school.

He attended Yale School of Medicine (1989-1993), which gave him ready access to a large Art school where he took classes between his medical studies, and to New York City with its art collections.

He began to paint during his internship, the first year of a three-year specialty training in pediatrics, and would paint when he had a chance (despite work weeks that sometimes stretched more than 100 hours).

After specializing in pediatrics at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, he taught hospital management of children and evaluation and management of child abuse victims. His academic and patient-care activities left little time for painting, and when he married and had his first child, he found that the time with his family was also getting squeezed.

With the support of his wife he began a plan to leave his practice of medicine and become a full time artist. In the spring of 2005, he took a plein air painting class and became enamored with the challenges and opportunities of painting outside and realized that it afforded a setting to grow as a painter. That summer he began to paint full time.

Since that time Daniel has become a Signature Member of Laguna Plein Air Painters, received numerous awards and has become one of the leading plein air painters in the region. Daniel is one of the permanent artists on display throughout the year at Roger’s Gardens Fine Art Gallery.

All images via DanielAldana.com


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T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Pink Sky in the Morning…

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[featured artist] – Robert LaDuke!

Painting by Robert La Duke
Painting by Robert La Duke

Robert (Bob) LaDuke has some of the coolest art… what an imagination! Fun, happy, wonderful work that truly makes you smile! Check out his website for more information…

Robert LaDuke home w moon rl fb
Painting by Robert LaDuke

This is another fabulous painting… it just feels like a good old fashioned happy home to me, complete with a full moon, lights on inside the house, cool old car, fabulous tree… I love this painting… and did you notice Bob’s signature… way cool!

Robert Laduke pumpkin truck
Painting by Robert LaDuke – Daily Paintworks…

Robert also paints some fabulous smaller paintings that can be purchased through Daily Paintworks – Robert LaDuke, these paintings have so much character and they are FABULOUS! Most are sold, so don’t hesitate if you really love a piece!

Read a blip about Bob from his website:

Robert LaDuke’s paintings are identifiable for their crisp, clean style and colorfull scenes. Painting professionally for over 20 years, he began his journey as an artist by attending the School of Art Institute in Chicago. He received the Presidential Scholarship to attend.

His first gallery show was in 1996 at Mendenhall Gallery in Pasadena, CA and he has been showing his work ever since.

All images via RWLaDuke.wix.com or Robert W. Laduke Facebook


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       Is this brilliant or what? Screened Garage Door!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Greta Van Campen!

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[featured artist] – m a r g a r e t s h e l d o n !

Gus by Margaret Sheldon
Gus by Margaret Sheldon

Meet Gus…  a sweetie, right? Just look at those soulful eyes… this little painting caught my eye… If you haven’t checked out Margaret’s work, you just may want to! I love how she has a little description about each painting. That makes it so interesting.

Little Chickadee by Margaret Sheldon
Little Chickadee by Margaret Sheldon

This little chickadee painting is sweet and looks like it could be made in to wallpaper. Wouldn’t it be pretty in a powder room? Margaret paints just about everything, which really makes it fun!

Read a blip about Margaret from her website:

Born in NYC, I studied Fine Arts at St. John’s University. There I had the privilege of studying with the brilliant and talented Claude Ponsot, beret and all. After graduating with honors and a BFA in Painting, I continued my education studying Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. But after many years as an architect and designer, my love of oil painting resurfaced and has led me back to the easel.
Where I intend to stay put.


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        Charleston, SC voted #1 tourist destination in the WORLD as well as the United States… (2012) – Just voted #1 City again, third year in a row – 2013!!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…    Artist to watch… Karen Lawrence!

All images via MargaretSheldon.com

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[featured artist]: David Grossmann!

"Trunks and Sky in Winter" by David Grossman [image: Abend Gallery]
“Trunks and Sky in Winter” by David Grossmann
[image: Abend Gallery]
This is not a pretty painting… David will know that I’ve read his NEWS page “What not to say to an artist”. It made me smile.  This isn’t a pretty painting, no… that’s not how I would describe it. A brilliant painting? A unique perspective that I absolutely adore, something fresh and different, that’s how I would describe this painting. I enjoy David’s style, very nice!

Read a blip about David from his oh so nice website (and be sure to check out his NEWS page, its fabulous!):

Art has been a constant presence in David Grossmann’s life. Drawing was his favorite activity as a child, so he spent much of the time exploring his imagination through pencil and paper. David’s family consistently encouraged his love of art, and some of his first art lessons were from his grandmother, who taught him to use oil paints when he was ten years old.

A love of the outdoors has also been a life-long companion for David. He lived in Chile until he was fourteen, and the towering Andes, the vast ocean, the barren deserts, and fertile valleys shaped his appreciation for the beauty of nature. When he left Chile and moved to Colorado, the majesty of the Rocky Mountains brought a touch of familiarity through the time of transition and culture shock. At that point, David continued to study art and also began taking art-related jobs, including painting commissions and a series of illustrations for a publishing company.

While still in high school, David studied drawing with artist Valorie Snyder. He went on to earn degrees in business and Spanish, and then attended a classically-based art academy in Boulder. It was at the academy that David had his first class in plein air (outdoor) painting. He responded immediately to the challenges of this new method and the way it fit perfectly with his love for the outdoors. David’s dedication to landscape painting kept growing, eventually leading him to study with renowned artist Jay Moore.

Since then, David’s work has been included in many exhibitions, including national shows sponsored by Oil Painters of America, The American Impressionist Society, and Salon International. Southwest Art Magazine featured him as one of their “Artists to Watch,” and David’s work has also been included in Plein Air Magazine and American Art Collector Magazine. In her description of his work, acclaimed artist Nancy Guzik said that he “goes beyond his paint by bringing a sensitivity that appears to be magic.”

David continues to find inspiration from all over Colorado, the western United States, and wherever else his travels may take him. His adventures have spread from Patagonia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central America. No matter what location inspires his work, David’s paintings are noted for their understated sense of tranquility: “I like to think of my paintings as prayers and as visual poems. They are simplified rhythms of color, light, and shape. On the surface they are quiet whispers, but I hope that they convey a depth of emotion to anyone who takes the time to stop and listen.”


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Shrimp Boats at Shem Creek Park!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Artist to Watch… Cindy Baron!

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[featured artist]: Samantha Buller!

"Hicks Valley" by Samantha Buller
“Hicks Valley” by Samantha Buller [image]
This is a nice painting by Samantha Buller… there is an art (pun intended) to painting a scene that has been simplified to project a specific feeling, kind of like you’re there… without all the hoopla getting in the way. This painting has nice brush strokes, and a composition that keeps your eye in the painting. My favorite part of this painting is the driveway. Love it! I never thought I would like power lines in a painting… until one day I saw Colin Page do a painting, power lines and all… and the power lines MADE the painting over the top good! Great job Samantha!

Samantha is part of a show at Elliot Fouts Gallery (EFGallery.com) through September 26, 2013 – if you’re in the Sacramento, CA area, be sure to stop in and check it out, otherwise check it out online, the gallery has a great website!

Read a blip about Samantha from her website:

Samantha Buller currently lives in Sonoma County after painting and teaching in Kansas for the past two years. She received her BFA in Painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Originally from the Bay Area, her work reflects the beautiful light and modernism that is found in Northern California. Her work has been shown in the Hall of Justice in downtown San Francisco, in business’ and several galleries, as well as on the set of a prime time television show.

She studied a semester abroad in Italy, which has greatly influenced her love and passion for the arts. “Italy was full of rich, golden colors. The culture is truly inspiring for any type of artist and to have the opportunity to paint while standing amongst an Italian sunflower field, should be one experienced by all.”

Her love of color completely drives her work. She is inspired by the art of Wayne Thiebaud for his paint application, color, and composition, as well as the works of Raimonds Staprans for his layering techniques. She chooses to paint simplistic objects to create a clean, strong design, sharing interest with the negative space.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Delicious Lunch – Slightly North Of Broad (SNOB) Charleston, SC!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… A Site to Behold!

Image via SamantaBuller.com

[featured artist] Monique Lazard!

"Ensign Island" by Monique Lazard
“Ensign Island” by Monique Lazard

Monique Lazard shows her work at Camden Falls Gallery located in Camden, Maine. Nice work! Oils and watercolor and a variety of subjects. I enjoy the feel her paintings give… water… a sense of calm, a treasured location and nice light = a great painting!

"Leaving Rockland" by Monique Lazard
“Leaving Rockland” by Monique Lazard

This is a sweet painting. The light hitting the tip of the building is fabulous as is the water. Nice deliberate brush strokes. I love the story about how Monique got started… I think we should all give art supplies to kids… imagine how many would be fabulous artists like Monique one day!? Check out Monique’s website, it’s full of fabulous paintings!

Read a blip about Monique from the Camden Falls Gallery website:

Monique recognized her calling as an artist on her 10th birthday when she received her first set of watercolors from her uncle, Ray Bertrand, a WPA Muralists and art teacher at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her formal studies began as an undergraduate at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  She received a BA degree from the California College of Art, and pursued graduate studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

She began her career as Fashion Illustrator for Liberty House department store chain in Oakland, California. She became Art Director in 1979 for the Nob Hill Gazette in San Francisco, and in 1984 moved to NYC becoming Art Director for numerous fashion publications within Fairchild Publications. While living in NYC, she also enjoyed teaching fashion illustration at the Parson School of Design.

In 1992, depleted from the fast pace of NYC, she made a fresh start in the quaint mining town of Telluride, Colorado, working as Art Director for the Telluride Magazine. While in Telluride, Monique also taught figure painting in watercolor at the Ah Ha School. It was during this period that she began to shift her emphasis to painting, spending hundreds of hours hiking the Rocky Mountains with watercolors in tow.

Monique continues to learn and grow as an artist. She is continuously painting with other artist and attends workshops and classes at the local Art Centers on the Main Line and in Philadelphia. She lives with her husband and daughter in Brynn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Bowens Island Restaurant Menu!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… House Tour… Day 2… Sullivan’s Island!

All images CamdenFallsGallery.com

Featured Artist… Thomas Jefferson Kitts!

"The Tin Shed" by Thomas Jefferson Kitts Image: Thomas Jefferson Kitts Facebook
“The Tin Shed” by Thomas Jefferson Kitts
Image: Thomas Jefferson Kitts Facebook

Fabulous, right? The colors, THE BRUSHSTROKES! The looseness of it all… I’m not the only one that thinks this is one nice painting…

“The Tin Roof”, 8 x 16″, oil on mounted canvas, was juried into the American Impressionist Society’s 14th Annual National Show. Woo hoo!

I’m excited to say that the American Impressionist Society‘s exhibition will be held at the M Gallery of Fine Art in Charleston this October! Click HERE for more info, including a list of artists!

Here’s a little blip about the painting from the artist…

This painting was executed inside 40 minutes one evening late last August after driving around on the East side of Mt Hood, frantically watching the light fade. I didn’t have much hope for a strong finish when I set up but then the sun dropped behind the trees and dappled the roof in a lovely way. You never know what your subject will do, or even be until you actually start working. Which is why each painting starts off as a mystery to me.

The Tin Roof is a personal favorite of mine from last year so I am pleased to see it recognized in this way.

If you aren’t familiar with this artist’s work… his website is a treat! He also has a Facebook page “Thomas Jefferson Kitts – Impressionism + Realism” that you can “Like”.

Here’s a blip about Thomas from his website:

Thomas lives in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1984, after which he returned home to paint en plein air in the Pacific Northwest and California. (Picture of him left shows Thomas painting the Californian coastline somewhere south of Carmel.) Thomas is an active member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, the California Art Club, the Oil Painters of America, and the American Impressionist Society. He travels extensively and maintains an active and distinguished exhibition history – one which includes the Laguna Art Museum, the Maritime Museum of Curacao, the Academy Museum of Easton, Oil Painters of America National & Regional Exhibitions, Arts for the Parks Top 100, and three New York Art Expos. Thomas has been commissioned by such prestigious entities as the Publix Corporation, the Mariott Corporation, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and the Kaiser-Permanente Collection. His work is collected throughout North America. For more information on Thomas Kitts, read his bio.

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Featured Artist… Christina Body!

Christina Body american-classic cb

American Classic by Christina Body

What is it about paintings of an Airstream? The neat reflections that bounce off it? The happy memories they might bring back? Whatever it is, it seems that everyone is enchanted by an Airstream painting… This is a nice one by Christina Body… love the flamingos!

I think it is so interesting when artists show what they’re painting along with the actual painting. It’s neat to see what they see and how they can transform the canvas and make it so much more interesting than real life! See what I mean?

ChristinaBody painting-a-silver-twinkie cb

Christina Body calls this “Painting a Silver Twinkie” – sense of humor, I like it!

This painting has already sold, but I just had to show you! Christina paints a wide variety of subjects. If you aren’t familiar with her work, check it out!

Read a blip about Christina from her website:

“There is nothing more exciting in my life than ‘seeing’ something to paint” – stopping dead in my tracks and saying “I’ve got to paint that!  City life, boats in a harbor or my son in my arms my heart pounds with inspiration and excitement from the onset of the idea until the final stroke on canvas. I paint what I know, what I love and new people and places that strike my heart… “

Christina has been making art since childhood. Strongly influenced by her Great Uncle and First Uncle she became familiar and comfortable with many forms of art. Charcoal and Sumi ink drawings, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, woodcarving and sculpture. She experienced first hand the passion to make art and the excitement in experimenting in multi-medias. It was the beginning of how she would forever see the world. 

Christina’s formal training began with an art scholarship under the mentorship of professor emeritus Robert Paulson at Southern Illinois University. It was in Carbondale, IL that she had her first plein air (outdoor) painting classes. It was Robert Paulson that taught his students how to capture fleeting light, compare values and temperature, and see the big shapes. And uniquely he also inspired his students to not always paint exactly what you see but to paint how you feel about your subject and environment.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting and minors in Photography and Theatre from SIU she continued her studies at the American Academy of Art and the acclaimed Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago and under the tutelage of renowned artists David Leffell, Ken Auster and Henry Yan. Inspiration also came from her extended stays plein air painting in Key West, Jamaica and travels abroad. Christina’s inspirations consist of notable artists Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and the early twentieth century artists of the Ashcan School. She paints in oils both ‘en plein air’ and in her studio from models, sketches, oil studies and photographs.  

“My passion to make paintings has only grown stronger after having my children. The love I feel mothering my children and making a painting are parallel; I can’t see myself any other way. I feel an urgency to paint and a directness that I didn’t feel before I had my kids. My time is precious as well as my aspirations. When I paint I wear my ‘mental suit’ armed with confidence, clarity, excitement and spirituality. When I connect with my subject everything else around me becomes a blur. Raising and caring for my children has enlightened me and the way I see and opens up new doors everyday. Children and painting together is a stream of rewarding moments. I am truly grateful.”

Christina’s award winning paintings have earned her participation in juried shows and national plein air painting competitions and invitational’s, including ‘2008 Plein Air Festival, Door County, WI and ‘2007 Plein Air Easton’, in Easton, Maryland. Most recent awards include “Best of Show” at the 65th Annual Salon Show, at Bachman Gallery, in Munster, IN and two “Honorable Mentions” at the Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Festival, in Cedarburg WI. In May 2008 Body’s solo exhibition “Chicago in a Blink” at The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts was reviewed by Chicago Art Critic Alan Artner in the Chicago Tribune – a first for The Palette and Chisel Academy in 100 years. Her work has been published in American Art magazine and is included in Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s corporate art collection in Chicago.

Christina is a founding member of the Plein Air Painters of Chicago, a member of Oil Painters of America, International Plein Air Painters and an Artist Member of The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, in Chicago. She exhibits her work in galleries and juried exhibitions nationally and her paintings hang in corporate, public and private collections worldwide. Christina resides in Chicago with her husband Jake and sons Emil and Walter.

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