Featured Artist… Jason Saunders!

Libby Terrace by Jason Saunders 16x16" 1st Place Winner at Plein Air Richmond 2014
Libby Terrace by Jason Saunders – 16×16″
1st Place Winner at Plein Air Richmond 2014

Jason Saunders. Incredibly talented guy as you can tell by the first place ribbon from Plein Air Richmond this year. No easy task! Great composition on this piece, interesting and utterly amazing! Check out Jason’s blog as well, it’s full of great info and lots of wonderful photos!

Jason Saunders | Art Food Home
Mrs. Martin’s Garden Roses  – 16×16″


Jason’s roses are amazing, as seen in this painting! I also love the square canvases that are all the rage right now. It seems like a modern twist to a classic.

Read a bit about Jason, from his website

Jason Allen Saunders began his formal studies at David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. There he obtained a strong foundation of painting, under the watchful eye of his teacher, Dawn E. Whitelaw. During and shortly after college, Jason travelled to study with three of the countries most treasured artists: Everett Kinstler, Matt Smith, and Scott L. Christensen. The instruction given by these three men, was the bridge, Jason had been searching for. 

  Currently, Jason lives and paints primarily in the beautiful hills of middle Tennessee. Jason’s paintings are highly sought after by collectors throughout the world. His paintings are described as honest, peaceful, and emotional. Jason takes pride in the pureness of his craft, only painting from life and memory. “The process is as important to me as is the finished painting.” 


Catch you back here tomorrow!


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