Jo Malone… now available in Charleston, SC! | barbara stroud

Jo Malone is such classy cologne. Many can be used by men or women, which is really neat. They can also be blended together which is wildly interesting. I have used Jo Malone since my very first purchase. Once you use it, you tend to not want to use anything else. It’s not as strong as other’s tend to be and it’s just so nice! I snapped a photo, just look how nice their marketing material is. The classy brochure that shows the different combinations that can be layered, the gorgeous gift bag and the snazzy box with the black ribbon. Presentation means a lot!

Thrilling news! (And I JUST REALIZED THIS)… we now have Jo Malone available here in Charleston! Belk at Towne Center in Mount Pleasant, SC has a wonderful section. If you haven’t been… give it a try, try a few to see if you like them. Ask for a sample, it helps when you can use it at home without other scents flying around in the air. Try it, I think you’ll like it 😉

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Jo Malone… now available in Charleston, SC!

  1. Karen Everhart

    Love Jo Malone have been using her fragrances for years my favorites are Grapefruit and White Jamine and Mint, BlueBell also Orange Blossom. They are so wonderful!


    1. Oooh, haven’t tried white jasmine and mint! Will have to check that out! Love the grapefruit. Amber & Lavender is my favorite. Also Lime Basil & mandarin. Tried Blue bell and orange blossom and they’re too flowery on me. Also love Blue Agave & Cacoa and there is one other I can’t think of the name. Wood and sea salt (or something like that) is a new one that smells wonderful. I like it for Fred. Great products!


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