Featured Artist… Shanna Kunz!

Snowmelt Aspenglow by Shanna Kunz 36x36" Oil
Snowmelt Aspenglow by Shanna Kunz
36×36″ Oil

Shanna Kunz. Stunning. Grand. I see this painting with the beautiful sunlight hitting the trees, the gorgeous snow that crunches at your feet and I just want to take a nice walk through the woods (with a thermos of hot chocolate!)… when a painting evokes a feeling, it’s done its job! Shanna has gorgeous paintings, you must check them out!

Read a bit about Shanna from her website (click HERE to read in full!):

As a contemporary landscape painter, my work is a conscious play of mood, light and color, but as a naturalist raised and rooted in the diverse landscapes of western America, a painting means more than that to me.  Each location is an encounter with the land, the trees, and the waters that have always given me a sense of connection and order.  When a location intrigues and inspires me, I will paint the scene into a series using a range of keys or themes, experimenting and searching to learn more about the natural threads that tie the landscape together with complexity, subtlety and⎯more importantly⎯balance.  I look for new ways to express spatial relationships and distance with layers of paint, brushwork, gradations, and diffusions of light.  Hopefully, my study of the landscape will bring me somewhat closer to an honest translation⎯of both soul and land⎯as I push color and value into new compositions and continue a lifelong effort to communicate the emotional connection I feel with my environment.

Images via ShannaKunz.com – used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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