House Plan: 232 Shelby Court by Our Town Plans!

232 Shelby Road by Our Town Plans
232 Shelby Road by Our Town Plans

 232 Shelby Road, a wonderful plan from Our Town Plans. This plan is 852 square feet that is conditioned, and 472 unconditioned square feet (screened porch area), with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

This plan is so unique and so perfect for people who want to live close by, yet still maintain their own private space! Let’s just think of a few scenarios…

-Friends or relatives live one on each side, and share the screened porch area. Catch up with a hot tea or a glass of wine. Chat about their day, maybe throw something on the grill.

-Same scenario as above, but these people like to cook and maybe do a little entertaining… why not make the screened porch closed in and a kitchen that can be shared?

-Say it’s just you, and you have a lot of visitors because you live in a wonderful location, like say… Charleston, SC! You live on one side, and when people come to visit, they have their own side. You visit, then you can go back to your own space!

-Or say, you’re an artist OR you work from home, yet you would like your spaces to be separate. Tada! Instant Studio or Office! That can double as a guest room, or maybe even provide rental income at some point! Hey, depending upon your location, this house may even pay for itself! Ok, those were totally my words, and I am no expert, but you know what I mean 😉

I can come up with so many more possibilities, I love plans like this! Check out the (drop dead gorgeous) images of the interior and exterior! (Just scroll down when you get to that page).

232 Shelby Road by Our Town Plans
232 Shelby Road by Our Town Plans

 Images via, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “House Plan: 232 Shelby Court by Our Town Plans!

  1. Lyne Lassen

    This plan was used at River Dunes in Oriental, NC as two of the five bunnies that they rent out to visitors. We love staying there when we go down to visit RD! BTW … construction of our Tideland Haven home starts this summer!!


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