Featured Artist… Lisa Egeli!

For Love and Money by Lisa Egeli
For Love and Money by Lisa Egeli

Striking paintings by Lisa Egeli, aren’t they? I like how the subject is close up in For Love and Money, and those colors… very nice! That water is fabulous! Love the sun coming through the sail as well!

When One Door Closes by Lisa Egeli
When One Door Closes by Lisa Egeli

Isn’t this painting just so peaceful? Can you feel your shoulders drop slightly instead of being hiked up around your ears? I would like to be sitting at this very spot listening to the slight ripple in the water while watching the moon. Lovely!

Read a bit about Lisa, from the Egeli Gallery website:

Artist Lisa Egeli has been described as “a meticulous connoisseur of nature”. Her portraits and landscapes, in oil and pastel, have been featured in many exhibits and permanent collections since her professional career was launched in 1988, when she graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Her life as a painter, however, began long before, growing up a third generation artist in a family of artists, and learning her earliest skills from her father, portrait and maritime painter Peter Egeli. Her early training led her to a series of commissioned portraits and paintings of private homes, and then on to her formal art training in Chicago, to continue developing her gift for representational art in diverse media.

Since then Lisa’s work has taken her all over the world, in pursuit of landscapes. In 1991 she set out on a nine month painting tour that took her to Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and New Zealand. “Views From Around the World,” an exhibition of documentary drawings and paintings, opened on her return. Her work has been recognized in a variety of regional and national exhibitions, including shows with Oil Painters of America, American Society of Marine Artists, Art for the Parks, and Paint America. In 1998, Lisa traveled to Alaska to paint and sketch in preparation for her 1999 exhibit, “Nature’s Moods,” and in 2001 she made two painting trips to Italy. The State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources selected her for their Artist’s Residencies on both Sapelo and Ossabaw Islands in 2003. Lisa was selected to participate in the plein air painting events “Paint Annapolis” in 2005, 2008 and 2009, “Telluride Plein Air” in 2008, and “Plein Air Easton” in 2006 through 2009. A solo show in Baltimore in 2007 exhibited paintings from travels in east Africa, the Everglades of Florida, and her home state of Maryland.

Lisa is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists and a member of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters. Other memberships include Oil Painters of America and Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association. “Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine” featured Lisa as one of “Today’s Masters” in the September/October 2009 issue.

Lisa continues to paint portraits and landscapes for a wide range of clients, working from her studio at home in southern Maryland most of the year and in south Florida (at Miami’s Art Center South Florida) in the winter. Her goal, whether portraying the wilds of Alaska, the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda, or the haunting marshes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is to capture a sense of place, and also capture that combination of awe and intimacy that is the essence of an encounter with nature.

Lisa Egeli lives by the shores of the Chesapeake Bay for most of the year and in south Florida for the winter.

Image via LisaEgeli.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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