Featured Artist: Kathy Hirsh!

Welcome Home by Kathy Hirsh

Welcome Home by Kathy Hirsh  8×10″  Oil

Sweet painting, isn’t it? Welcome Home leaves you with a wonderful feeling. Kind of like when you return from a long vacation to your own home which is so inviting. Comfy bed, wonderful shower, pretty flowers… just a good feeling! Nice shadows and colors without being overworked.

If you’re in the Oak Park, Illinois area, check out Kathy’s classes! While you’re there be sure to check out her other paintings!

Read a bit about Kathy, from her website:

Telluride mountains, hay fields in the south of France, rice paddies in Nepal, religious ceremonies in India, sunset in Mongolia-I have been privileged to paint en plein air in remarkable destinations. Living in Nepal and China for 15 years and now back in the states, whether I’m in the studio or out in the landscape-I’m working to capture the stunning color, the light quality and the juxtaposition of form and atmosphere.

As a medical illustrator I worked primarily in black and white for 25 years illustrating surgical procedures. While not exactly coffee table books, I was a best seller on the surgical textbook circuit.  For years I spent my days in operating rooms (like being a courtroom artist, but the defendant is unconscious). Now working in color, it feels like every painting day is a celebration.

Image via KathyHirsh.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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