Happy Father’s Day!


This is another photo from the archives. Look at that sky! The reflection in the water! The slight rippling, the outline of the boat and motor, the dark horizon! Mysterious and wonderful!

This photo looks like a good Father’s Day type photo… where you wish your dad a peaceful day, hanging out doing what he likes best… fishing!

Happy Father’s Day to both of our dads!

To my dad: Dad, thank you for being the super cool, fun dad who I’ve learned so much from. I have so many wonderful memories of special things that you have done, remember the treasure box you made me? I still have it! The paintings and treasures, the photos that you’ve taken and developed in your dark room struck something in me that I loved at that young age. To watch you polish rocks, make jewelry, build a canoe, paint, woodwork and everything in between, you are an inspiration. I can only hope to keep up with you… thank you for introducing me to Pickleball, what a blast! I love you so much, and am proud to call you my dad!

To Fred’s dad: Thank you for being a dad who Fred could always learn things from. He has told me many wonderful stories from his youth, namely the camping days… what fun for a kid to have a summer like that! What a sacrifice for you to drive back and forth to work. I am so thankful you are his dad! I’m sure you know what a wonderful son you’ve got – thank you for that!!

Love you both – xoxo, me

To Charlie’s dad: Thank you Fred for being the best dog dad, not to mention the most wonderful husband ever! We are blessed beyond belief!

Love you! xxoo, me

I am also thinking of all of you out there who have a dad that has passed away. I know this day must be difficult. I hope you feel his presence…

Thinking of you… ❤️Catch you back here tomorrow!


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