Featured Artist: Cooper Dragonette!

Pond Cove Light by Cooper Dragonette 16x20 Oil

Pond Cove Light by Cooper Dragonette 16×20 Oil

It’s so hard to pick just two paintings… I love them all. The vertical slice of fabulous light on the rocks drew me in, my eye went to it, then slid down into that fabulous water – FABULOUS! Then my eye traveled up towards the rock formation in the water and back to the rock on land. Around and around. It’s a stunning painting that you just don’t want to give up. I would like to be sitting there looking at this very sight, maybe with some cheese and crackers and an iced tea! Beautiful!

Studio View by Cooper Dragonette 8x10 Oil SOLD

Studio View by Cooper Dragonette 8×10 Oil – SOLD

I swear, Cooper can paint clouds like you just won’t believe! Check out his work to see what I mean. The cloud paintings on his website are all sold and they are all out of this world!

Look at these trees… THAT LIGHT! I am into paintings with snow right now because it’s just so darn hot here. This painting with the light colors in the foreground and the darker colors of the tree line is stunning! It’s that magical time of day when the light makes anything and everything look beautiful! What a fabulous studio view Cooper has!

Are you looking to take a workshop? Cooper will be teaching a fabulous workshop in July (7/16-7/17/2016) with the Maine College of Art’s Continuing Studies program, click HERE for more info! He also has a fabulous WORKSHOPS page – a lot of good information, so if you’re interested, be sure to check it out!

Cooper also has some larger works hanging at Tree Place Gallery in Orleans, MA!

Read a bit about Cooper, from his website:

Inspired by the coast of Maine, Cooper Dragonette has devoted himself to painting the landscape since 2000.  His influences consist of notable artists such as John Singer Sargent, Edward Hopper, and Andrew Wyeth. Dragonette primarily paints in oils and has an affinity for painting ‘en plein air’, but also enjoys creating studio works using his outdoor sketches for inspiration. “Painting is often an experience in memory for me. On site I am trying to record the moment, but in the studio I am trying to get back to the place, to the feeling, to the experience.”

Mr. Dragonette is a full-time landscape painter, teacher, father, and husband (though not necessarily in that order) living and working in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Read more HERE

All images via CooperDragonette.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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