Featured Artist: Aaron Cordell Johnson!

Floating Giants by Aaron Cordell Johnson 36x36

Floating Giants by Aaron Cordell Johnson 36×36″

Aaron Cordell Johnson. Wow. His paintings are show stoppers. Just look at these clouds against that brilliant blue sky. Floating Giants is a great name for this painting. The landscape is the perfect setting beneath these majestic clouds, don’t you think?

Jupiter Ascending by Aaron Cordell Johnson 18x18

Jupiter Ascending by Aaron Cordell Johnson 18×18

When I ran across this painting I almost fell out of my chair! The sky is on fire, the horizon is dark, but shows distance. The reflections from the light are magnificent. Aaron nailed this sky. It is absolute perfection. You see wonderful paintings of skies quite a bit, but this has more detail and depth, the lighter yellow strokes, and then the thin strips of wispy cloud and the shadows on the clouds. WOW.

Read a bit about Aaron, from his website:

I am searching for the sensation of the subject.

I am interested in finding an authentic experience through the act of creation. My work involves physical interaction and passion for the subject. The paintings I create are the result of time, searching for just the right cloud formations, watching the colors, and experiencing what it means to be in an environment. Through these experiences I use color, brushstrokes, drawing and texture to express the lay of the land and its affect on me.

My studio works are based on paintings done en plein-air (works done on site).  In my studio I work to keep the spontaneous feel of a plein-air painting, I do not simply enlarge the plein-air work but translate and evolve the idea of multiple experiences of being on site into a new studio piece.

Throughout history images of sacred figures have been placed within magnificent frames to create an icon, these icons are used to show the importance of an idea.  In some of my work I craft frames to create a new kind of icon, an icon of the humble landscape.

As an avid outdoorsman and passionate painter I hope to use my work to heighten our awareness of the significance of our surroundings, such as the way a cloud floats across the sky, how a dead trees branches pierce the sky, or the brilliant complementary colors of fall.  Each painting is the culmination of absorbing, listening, feeling and observing my surroundings.

All images via CordellArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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