Guess the artist [Solved]! Monhegan Island by Robert Abele…

Guess the Artist!

Monhegan Island by Robert Abele  6×8″  Oil

Robert Abele… fabulous artist, well sought after workshop instructor and super nice guy. Robert painted this a few years ago while on Monhegan Island. If you’ve been there I’m sure this painting will resonate with you. The cottage in the foreground is the Johnson House. Fred and I walk up this steep hill to eat our Gifford’s Ginger ice cream each day, ha ha… The walk works off at least a few bites!

Be sure to check out Robert’s work on his website: – he’s got such a unique style, I absolutely love it!

Thank you to Susan Graeber for guessing the artist’s name! Woohoo Susan! 🏆

Over the next few weeks (until I run out of paintings), I am posting one of our paintings and then seeing who can GUESS THE ARTIST. I have retouched this photo on the bottom right corner to remove the artist’s signature.

Do you know the name of this artist?

Comment on my Facebook page or on this blog…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Yep, two GUESS THE ARTIST posts this week to make up for the past few weeks. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Guess the artist [Solved]! Monhegan Island by Robert Abele…

      1. AND… we have a winner!! Woot Woot!! [Confetti falling from the sky] – Yay Susan! Yes, this painting is by Robert Abel, I will update this post after someone guesses it on FB as well, but will mention you for sure! 🏆



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