Featured Artist: Robert Beck!


Blizzard by Robert Beck  24×32″  Oil

As I write this we are having a warm day… I can feel the cooler air is on the way, but today’s sunshine and mix of humidity makes me really appreciate this Blizzard painting! Oh, what joy it would be to feel the snow on your face and to feel the cool winds. This painting is so full of action! The woman hailing the cab (I think I just heard her whistle!), you can even hear the shovel on the cement as the man gets rid of the accumulation so far. The dog walker and the dog wishing he had booties, ha ha… so much to think about in this wonderful painting!


Fiddleheads by Robert Beck 12×16 Oil

I love the clearness of this painting. Stunning in every way! Robert paints just enough of something so that your mind fills in the rest. Those fabulous wood floors, the wonderful greenery! I wonder if these are two co-workers or a client and a worker? What is their conversation about? What’s for dinner? What will go nicely with the Fiddleheads? Smell that wonderful greenery? I think I even smell the coffee that is now brewing and hear the radio that they have turned to low… What a wonderful painting! Be sure to check out Robert’s website, there are so many equally fabulous paintings – don’t miss it!

Read a bit about Robert, from the Artist’s Statement on his website:

“Both my painting and my writing are descriptions of an encounter. Recognition isn’t enough; I try to eliminate the detail and noise that dilute the identity, leaving visual clues to trigger a shared understanding or experience. My subjects are living moments, not solo, static entities. There is a before and after, and the viewer should sense that. Depicting people eating breakfast at the counter in a diner isn’t enough; I want you to hear the clatter of plates. When you notice the boots next to the fisherman in his recliner, I want you to know how it feels to put them on in the morning.”

And excerpts from Bio…

Robert Beck grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, an area known for its artistic and cultural heritage. Beck left a career in the business world at the age of 40 to pursue painting, and subsequently attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He maintains a gallery of his work in Lambertville, NJ.

Robert Beck is a teacher, a curator, a lecturer and a writer, and he has hosted a radio interview program. His column on his art-related experiences, entitled “A Thousand Words”, has appeared monthly in ICON Magazine for more than a decade.

The focus of Beck’s work has evolved from figure, to landscape, to genre paintings done from life and studio paintings composed from sketches and imagination. His subjects vary, but the common thread in all of his images is viewpoint: the description of his encounter. Concentrating on events, occupations and environments, Beck’s paintings are a chronicle of our time.

Robert Beck is known for painting in series – multiple images addressing diverse aspects of the same subject. These “visual essays” include work created while traveling the Mississippi River on a towboat pushing barges, amidst a symphony orchestra during its performances, with a racing team in Europe, and traveling with doctors in Senegal. His paintings depicting life in the Maine Maritime community are his largest body of work with a single focus.

Robert Beck lives with his wife, Doreen, in New Hope, Pennsylvania.” Read Robert’s bio in its entirety HERE

All images via RobertBeck.net, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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