Featured Artist: Dan Knepper!


Do I Smell Bacon  30×40″  Oil

Dan Knepper. His paintings pack a powerful punch. The light in his landscapes is jaw dropping. I love this sunrise. My favorite time of day, when things are nice and quiet, and the beauty that the sun provides is amazing. Dan captures it so well!


Tuesday – A Study  8×10″ Oil

A small study of Dan’s, and another powerful punch. This study is so fabulous, I just love it! The colors in the sky, the clouds, the horizon… WOW!

I have featured two of Dan’s oil paintings, be sure to check out his watercolors as well!

Read a bit about Dan, from his website:

“Dan Knepper primarily works in oil and watercolor. He uses oils to create landscapes that capture a desire to explore the rural countryside, and uses watercolor for his controlled and detailed portraits, allowing a luminosity difficult to obtain in other media.

Artist’s Statement:
I started painting because I liked faces and the challenge of capturing them…the light in a person’s eye, or the glow as it passes through skin. The human face and figure are amazing. They are the basis of our standard of elegance and proportion. Painting with watercolors allows me to capture that as if using layers of little chips of stained glass. 

It’s sounds cliché, but the more I’ve painted in oil or watercolor, the more I realized it was the atmosphere of light I was trying to capture…and so when I paint landscapes, it’s the light, and its effects, the illumination of leaves and grasses, the glowing shadows, the dance of the sunset on the water, and those amazing moments when the air itself has color, that I try to capture and pass on.

I hope you’ll step into the moments. Feel the rocking of the waves, hear the wind through the grass, feel the sunlight, explore the barns, and take the path beyond that next hill.”

All images via DanKnepperArt.Weebly.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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