A SUBMARINE SALAD – fabulous, fresh and quick salad!

Submarine Salad

How many of you love eating a submarine sandwich? Well, this salad TASTES like a submarine without the bread – it’s amazing!! We have this for dinner quite often with a small baguette (so much for no bread, but it’s much less bread!) and some olive oil for dipping… What makes this salad taste like a submarine? A few things, the lettuce being chopped, the salami and provolone and THE OREGANO. Don’t leave it out! I put very little compared to the original recipe and it was plenty, if you want just put a few shakes, but to get that oregano flavor in with everything else it’s just fabulous!

I first saw this in an email from Smitten Kitchen – Love her recipes and her blog – highly recommend!

The original recipe (PRINT HERE) makes 6 meal-size salads or 12 side portions. Make it however you like! The first photo shows only iceberg lettuce, the second photo shows both iceberg and radicchio, but no chickpeas. Good any way – the texture is fabulous, the crunch, with bits of salami and provolone. Owie, I needed this after an indulgent New Year…

Sub Salad


I make it for just the two of us and there are no leftovers, BUT, my quantities are much smaller and there are a few things that I change, because it’s our preference.  Click HERE to print my version (as seen below) – this is a recipe we will be making summer and winter!

Another note… I had a hard time finding a good looking head of Iceberg the other day, and ended up buying shredded lettuce (like for tacos, etc.) it was AWESOME! I always buy organic, but this time bought regular, and having it already shredded was nice!



Catch you back here tomorrow!


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