Featured Artist: Meisha Grichuhin!


New Brighton Waves by Meisha Grichuhin  11 x 14″  Oil

I think the feel of Meisha Grichuhin’s “New Brighton Waves” painting is soft and beautiful. Love the pinky lavender in the distance and that wonderful green in the nearby waves. The reflections on the beach are fabulous, as is the craggy coastline. Those rocks… they rock! Just one of many beautiful paintings by Meisha!

Read a bit about Meisha, from her website (Artist’s Statement):

I spend much of my time outdoors, whether hiking, horseback riding, or just enjoying nature. These interests and a reverence for the natural landscape are reflected in my paintings. My current body of work consists of California landscapes. In my painting Evening Glow, a backlit horse grazes on rolling green pastures as the sunset creates a warm haze on the receding hills.
I  am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature. The sights, smells, and sounds of the different seasons all influence the scenes I choose to paint. Growing up in California, I have been fortunate to experience the varied types of landscapes the state has to offer. The temperate climate allows for year round adventuring. Spending quality time in the outdoors keeps me refreshed and awed by the endless subjects that nature provides. I strive to represent on canvas the mood of scenes through painterly brushwork and slightly exaggerated color.
Through a balance of bold and delicate brush strokes, I aim to portray the beauty of the natural landscape. Rolling hills, powerful oak trees, and peaceful horses suggest the relaxing yet exciting countryside of California. 

All images via MeishaGrichuhin.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.


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