Featured Artist: Michelle Jung!

Agave by Michelle Jung   30×30″   Oil

Michelle Jung. Wow. Her paintings take my breath away. They are incredible. The Sea Series is powerful and masterful. The Flora Series is stunning. For instance, this impressive agave painting – the vast majority of this painting is green, no easy feat! I find this painting so interesting! I was going to show one image of each series, but just go check them out… seriously!

California Eucalyptus by Michelle Jung 40×48″  Oil

The light in this eucalyptus tree is so beautiful! While looking through Michelle’s Instagram images I saw an image of this painting in a frame, hanging on a wall. It gave the feeling of looking out of a window and seeing something so stunning.

Check out Michelle’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Michelle’s Flora Series – and check out her paintings… I was in a quandary as to which images to use they are all just breathtaking…

Nature is a major influence in my new series, Flora. The initial inspiration comes from my experience outdoors painting and observing beauty. Plein air painting is a tool I use to capture color and atmosphere. It is also a place for exploration and a chance for all my senses to take in information. In the studio, I utilize my experience outdoors with critical thinking to construct a composition that conveys to the viewer: sight, sound and mood.

The main purpose in this series is to compose idyllic beauty in a natural setting. I believe the landscape is at its most powerful when two energies collide; for example heaven and earth or light and dark. Using elements of nature as metaphors, I am able to explore dualism through artistic practices. In my past work, I explored how water and earth interact with one another through seascape paintings. Cropping, viewpoint and incorporating the sounds of water enhanced the experience of how land succumbs to the power of water.  In this new exhibition, I continue the concept of dualistic thinking by analyzing chaos and order in woodland settings. I use intuitive reasoning and succumb to the rhythms of nature to make decisions in composition and to create harmony.  

To reach a much deeper region of the conscious of the viewer, I expanded the vocabulary of my painting process through pigment manipulation.  Along with brushes, I have added the palette knife and cold wax to build up paint on the canvas and enhance the surface and create another dimension of visual exploration. Also, I used a spatula and sandpaper to scrape and sand down to uncover and reveal the canvas and wood.  This continual process of taking apart and reconstructing creates an abstraction of movement. It also mirrors my concept of dualistic models in art expression.

In summary, my vision in Flora is to demonstrate through the artistic process that it is our selective path in life that can bring order and peace to chaos.  Most importantly, that a path of beauty is achievable if it is done with intention.  ~Michelle Jung


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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