Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

SORRY to those of you who don’t deal well with the creepy crawly things – I can certainly relate!

Oh the memories… I had a realistic size black plastic spider 🕷 when I was a kid. On occasion I would leave it somewhere to surprise my family (sorry about that) – I would hear a SHREEEEEK – AH! They found it, hee hee. Undoubtedly I would forget about it and go about my business and when I least expected it, there it was  🕷 😳 A shreeeeeek would erupt from deep within, heart palpitations ensued. Ah, they got me back! There were long lapses in between spider hidings – I think I had to let the memory wear off, ha ha… Hmmm, wonder where that spider is?

You’ll hear me if I find it!


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