The “Back Side” of Mackinac Island, MI

Several years ago my mom, sister and I took a little vacation to Mackinac Island, MI. It’s a place we went every year when we were kids because my dad raced the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat race each year. The men raced, the women drove to the island with the kids – had a few days to enjoy the island before the sailors arrived – I remember those trips. So many people! It was fun to hang out with your friends and have the island to roam. Those were the days!

Most people see is the the busy town area with all the cool business, hotels, restaurants, etc. This photo was taken on the back side of the island. Calm and serene – and I need that… while I enjoy the hustle and bustle I SUPER enjoy the quiet, peaceful beauty of the water and the shore. The island is about 8 miles around and it’s situated between the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan and lies in the Straits of Mackinac. Many people think of this as a touristy location, and it can be, unless you know where to go. The back side of the island is heavenly as is the interior of the island. Rent a bike (or even better, bring one if you can) the trails are stunning. My sister and I took a ride after a fabulous dinner and we were hustling to get to town before all light was gone! There are no streetlights, cars, etc. Just bikes and horses/carriages. Beautiful!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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