Quick Green Chicken Chili – My version…

Green chicken chili | artfoodhome.com

This flavorful chicken chili recipe originated from Cooking Light magazine. I’ve been a subscriber of CL for decades, it’s a great magazine full of healthy recipes that actually taste fabulous! This is a favorite recipe – I don’t think I’ll be making beef chili ever again!

We like our soups and chili’s on the brothier side – so I added more chicken broth and less flour (matter of fact I used so little that you could just leave it out entirely). I also forgot to drain the green chiles – it was pretty spicy, but so excellent – not sure that I would change it next time! A happy mistake!

I was leary of cold radishes and fresh avocado on top of hot chili – seemed a bit odd. It’s so wonderful, especially the crunch from the radishes!! I will be (and have been) making this recipe often!

Click HERE to print my version of the Cooking Light recipe for Quick Green Chicken Chili as shown below:

Catch you back here tomorrow!!


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