Featured Artist: Emmy Wommack!

Fighting for Air with Full Lungs by Emmy Wommack 16×20 Acrylic, House Paint, Oil Pastel

Emmy Wommack. I first saw Emmy’s work when she held a fundraiser for on Instagram – a great (and large!) abstract. She seems like a super cool person. Her work is happy – I love that!

See more of Emmy’s work via these links:

Website  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Emmy, from her website:

me and paint. we go way back. from accent walls to faux painted furniture to folksy ducks painted on switchplate covers. early in my adult life i made the decision to change my college major from fine art to psychology. a decision based on a lot of self-imposed limitations. i then proceeded to engage in any business venture, hobby, or volunteer activity i could get myself roped into that would allow me to create…withoutcalling myself an artist, mind you. those adventures have served me well. these days i embrace the title “artist”, even though there will probably always be a part of me that feels like a fraud. my antidote is to be as transparent and authentic as possible and to place the credit for any success where it rightfully belongs. it’s a tricky one, but the goal is to be an instrument that allows genuine, divine expression to flow from the creator through me. the hard part is getting out of the way.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via EmmyWommack.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

8 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Emmy Wommack!

  1. I loved Emmy’s work the second I wandered onto her IG page. It was thought provoking, unique, authentic, gorgeous and stood out from the rest. That was three years ago and I can honestly say I love the person just as much as her art! (Probably a bit dmore😉) She’s beautiful and that beauty is made manifest in her work. 💗


  2. Billie Green

    I follow Emmy on Instagram, and her work always speaks to me. Sometimes whispering, sometimes yelling. And whether it’s something I want to hear or something I need to hear, I always feel like it was created just for me.

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