CFL Bulb Public Service Announcement: DISPOSAL

CFL Bulbs (I just happened to snap a photo of GE, it’s not to single them out)

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL). Ick. (Well, that was grown up, wasn’t it?) I have to admit I have never been an admirer. But I tried to get in the swing – they save energy, etc. So I bought some to use in closets (I’m trying)… I did manage to purchase the kind that do turn on rather quickly and were the least bright of some that are out there. (Many are obnoxiously bright).

One day I was reading an article about the dangers if you drop a CFL bulb. Seriously? I wrote a post a while back on the steps to take to clean it up (you do not just pick it up) – open windows 5-10 minutes, turn off heat/AC, click HERE for the full directions… There are also health risks associated with them. The bulbs I bought should last 8 years. We had them in a CLOSET where the light was turned on rarely. They lasted 3 years.

CFL Bulbs are NOT recycled with normal recycle material  and you do NOT dispose of them in the trash – for good reason. You can take them to Lowes or Home Depot – or see the link below in orange for recycle center for CFL bulbs near you). I happened to be at Lowes and I brought these little dangerous bulbs with me, each in a styrofoam cup and then securely in a bag. When I got to Lowes there were directions to put each bulb in its own bag and tie it off and then place in the receptacle.

I’m not buying any more CFL bulbs. That may not be green but it’s less risky for sure!

A good source:  You can find recycle centers for CFL bulbs near your home!

As I mentioned, the photo I took was the GE brand, this post isn’t brand specific and I am not referring to only GE bulbs – it’s ANY CFL bulbs.

Hopping off my soapbox now, just want you to all be aware in case your CFL bulbs break or burn out- Catch you back here tomorrow!

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