Looking for a great way to meet good people and have something fun to do?

Algonac Community Theatre (ACT)  – Summer Parade 1982

Have you ever been part of a theater group? If you’re looking for something fun and different where you can meet really cool people try volunteering for a theater group.  I did this for a while back in Algonac, MI – these images were back in 1982 (I know, waaaay back when, right?!) – The man in the photo is my dad – both my parents participated, at least one usually acted. My dad always was creating the cool props, painting, etc. It seems a good bit of time we had some of our furniture in the plays, ha ha… We would arrive on set and think hmmm, this looks familiar!

I remember the parade was coming up (I’m guessing Fourth of July?) – and the theater group decided to have a float. They needed volunteers. We were either working on or had just finished MASH – which was a great play with fabulous people.

I am not an actor. Not even close. I admire those who can do that (my mom and dad both have acted in plays). But for the sake of the parade thought I would play “Hot Lips” Houlihan (from those of you familiar with MASH). She wore her hair pulled back like that, but it looked much better on her, ha ha.

I remember I didn’t have any army boots, so how was I going to pull this off? I couldn’t wear regular shoes, that wouldn’t look right – Our next door neighbor, Mr. Avers, lent me his boots. I wore these boots on the float and then halfway through the parade route they decided we would get off and walk. I was walking in boots way too big with several pairs of socks, ha ha. But… the show must go on, right?

That was as much of an actor as I ever care to be. I loved the behind the scenes work. I worked with props. Setting them up between acts, moving furniture to set up another scene, mostly in the dark. Practice over and over and over again – It was fun to watch the makeup artists at work. The first time I saw their work I thought it was awful! The makeup is so dark and thick and where there are lines they are drawn on, yet from the audience with all those bright lights they looked normal – and without all that makeup they would have been washed out.

We had good times – often went out as a group – good people. So, if you ever get an opportunity, hop on it! You don’t have to be an actor, there are so many other things to do! If you’re located in the Algonac, MI area and haven’t seen one of the Algonac Community Theatre’s plays – do go treat yourself! Ticket prices are very affordable and you will have a great time – you may even get bitten by the acting bug!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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