Featured Artist: Barb Sohn!

Early Morning, Loon Lake, Murphy’s Point by Barb Sohn 20 x 40

Barb Sohn. An amazing artist from Canada. Her paintings of islands grabbed my attention on Instagram – there is nothing like a vacation to an island (of any kind) – and she captures them so perfectly! I love the bright colors in her paintings! Don’t you feel like you are getting ready to go out on the water in a boat when you look at this painting… Nice!

See more of Barb’s work via these links:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Barb, from her website:

My paintings are the reflection of my fascination with the interaction between light, colour and pattern in water and landscape. Because of the many layers of design and colour found in water, the possibilities are endless. I paint landscapes, but I always come back to water.

Each painting has two histories. The first one is my personal experience in the landscape that led me to photograph it and see the potential for a painting. The second history is that of the individual life that the painting takes on when it is transformed from my experience into a painting.

Colour is important to me. I work in acrylic on canvas and usually begin with an under painting, which provides vibrancy, contrast and continuity to the painting.

The initial sketch is done with purple or red, which is used to strengthen the design and pattern. With the addition of colour, the painting  takes on a life of its own. My best paintings seem to paint themselves.

My goal is to provide a pathway for the viewer, to invite you to move into the painting – to follow the road, to put your feet in the water, to take yourself out of the present.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via BarbSohnArt.ca, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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