Azaleas blooming in Charleston, SC!

Azaleas – Charleston, SC

The azaleas are blooming in Charleston and they are plentiful, especially on our street. We live in an older neighborhood and just about every house has azaleas that were planted years ago and some are quite big, they are blooming and look so happy right now.

I thought I would take a moment to showcase the white azaleas that you don’t see quite as often as the bright pink (seen in photo above). We have a few white azaleas and the rest are the bright pink.

There is a rule with azaleas. No trimming until after they bloom. Break that rule and you get no blooms. I know… every few years they get leggy and we cut them back, and last year it wasn’t at the optimal time. This year we will cut them all back after the blooming is over and we should be good for next year.  I love when the entire street blooms at the same time (that doesn’t always happen). It’s stunning!

Happy Saturday!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

One thought on “Azaleas blooming in Charleston, SC!

  1. Love the white! Our stone house is 70 years and is completely surrounded with 70 year old azaleas. When we bought the house, it was the month of February with no color. When we moved in the whole property of close to 2 acres was ablaze in flowering trees and the bushes. We couldn’t believe our luck esp having lived in Boston where spring doesn’t exist !


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