How To Store Fresh Cilantro!

I was whipping up a batch of Cowboy Caviar (If you haven’t tried it, ohmy! Give it a whirl, it’s good by itself, as a dip or added to other recipes – delicious!!) and had a large bunch of cilantro I didn’t want to go to waste. I had read what to do to be able to store it so that I could use it in more than one recipe.

Place the cilantro in a jar with water (before you wash it) and cover it with a clean plastic bag (I used a storage bag like Ziploc), I didn’t seal it at the bottom (some use a rubber band at the bottom) – place it loosely over the cilantro.

I used it one day, then came back days later and it was in great shape, woohoo! Super fast and easy!

Another option is to freeze cilantro if you won’t be using it any time soon!


Catch you back here tomorrow!


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