Coleus rooting for fall – these will be magnificent!

Coleus Cuttings Awaiting Roots…

Several years ago a sweet neighbor gave me some coleus cuttings that she had rooted (is that the proper terminology?) – we planted the small cuttings and they THRIVED. I don’t mean they did well, they WERE AMAZING, they grew to be quite large and were stunning all season. I bought one coleus plant this year, a small one – it grew quickly and was stunning – as soon as there were pieces large enough to clip to root, I did so, as one pot was tiring we had another on it’s way to being just  as magnificent!

As hurricane Florence had a chance of visiting Charleston, SC – and at one point it was a quite likely chance, I thought I would save at least one plant by cutting off the stems and rooting for a fall planting. The storm missed us, thankfully and the cuttings are rooting already. They will be beautiful this fall!

#buyonegetawholebunchfree #wink – Catch you back here tomorrow!


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