Add this restaurant to your list: MINERO – Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA!

We stopped at this restaurant for the first time on Fred’s birthday this year. We’ve always heard rave reviews, and I can see why. The food was excellent as were the people, and it sure is more fun when the place you visit has a good vibe to it.

Minero has an excellent vibe.

We started with “Chips and Salsas: a tasting of verde, benne, arbol” – My personal favorite was the verde. Wow! I also had two “Charcoaled Chicken Tacos: green papaya, lime pickled red onion, cotija, papilla de Oaxaca” and Fred had the “Lunch Taco Combo Plate: Choice of two tacos with refrained beans, Carolina Gold rice, and broccoli salad” this special lunch combo is only served Monday – Thursday until 4PM. Minero has two locations, one in Charleston, SC and another in Atlanta, GA – Their menu is fabulous! Their ingredients are fresh, and everything is as beautiful as it is tasty! Gift cards are also available for this restaurant, hint, hint! A great gift idea, especially for those who are difficult to buy for!

Minero is located in the heart of Charleston, SC. The perfect spot to take a break for the shopping of the season and pop upstairs for a delicious lunch or dinner!


Photos this week – Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

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