Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve!

This is a photo I took years ago at my parents house. My Dad makes a cool tree that sits by the river. The sky this particular night looked magical to me, so I had to get out and snap a photo. It’s one of my favorites that I like to use in December.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Hard to believe that twelve months has flown by so quickly! Remember when you were a kid? You would look so forward to Christmas all year long, it seemed like an eternity before it came again. Then… *POOF* Christmas was over and you had another long eternity to wait for it to come again.

Does it still pass that slowly now that you’re older? I swear, Christmas was just a few months ago and WHOOSH! It’s almost Christmas again.

So as busy as we all are with plans, and cooking, wrapping, shopping, decorating – as much as we are bogged down with the commercial aspects of Christmas, I try to remember that for me,  JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON…

Happy Christmas Eve/Happy Holiday Eve to you! Catch you back here tomorrow!


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