One of my favorites…

For some reason, this is one of my favorite photos… I took this years ago, and it has appeared on this blog before, but… something about it makes me happy. It’s a Christmas ornament that I placed on a window ledge at my parents house while we were decorating the Christmas tree. I snapped a photo with the beautiful river in the background and those cool clouds. The sunlight hitting the “lights” on the boat which makes them appear to be lit.

This is a small ornament that just feels so big in this image. We all have favorite ornaments. My favorites aren’t the most fancy, they’re the most meaningful, given from a friend or relative, I’m sure you have some favorites of your very own!

Take time to enjoy those little things this holiday season.

TWO DAYS until Christmas!

B R E A T H E, hehe

Catch you back here tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “One of my favorites…

  1. Heather locke

    The colors are joyful. Thanks for sharing this.
    We are heading to Geof and John’s today for a holiday visit.
    With the sky so dark for so many hours a day, I can see the planes coming into Logan. The red lights are flashing. I get a kick out of it. I stand at the kitchen sink and marvel at the colors and activity.

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