Happy Valentine’s Day | A great recipe – perfect for this day!

Best Cookie Recipe Ever!

❤️Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️

Whether you are near or far, spending Valentine’s Day alone, with friends or with a significant other – these cookies are sure to delight! If you have any to spare take them to a friend or neighbor who you know may be spending the evening alone!

🎨You may have seen this photo in a previous post. This is a great cookie recipe that you can decorate however you see fit! You can write messages like those Conversation Hearts or you can just be creative. Best yet, you can keep the colors simple, red, pink and white. Unleash your creativity!

👨‍🍳👩‍🍳This is also a great recipe for your kids to help you make. I grew up helping make these (well, decorate is more like it). The anticipation of having these cookies to decorate was always something I looked forward to (we made these as Christmas cookies).

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband! I love you! 😘

Boy could I ever go for one of these right now! HERE is the recipe – Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day – Catch you back here tomorrow!


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