Spring has sprung in Charleston, SC!

Spring has sprung in Charleston, SC!

Azaleas. They’re planted everywhere here in Charleston, SC. The popular pink variety shown above is the most common. Entire streets are lined in this beautiful blooming shrub. I would guess ours have been here for many, many years. I took this photo while walking the dog the night we were supposed to have a cold snap. I was hoping that the buds would not be frozen and they weren’t. Happy dance! More pink blooms are coming soon, and shortly after that all of the gardenias begin to bloom!

It started with one gardenia that someone gave us when we lost our first dog, Reginald. We planted it outside and it thrived. It was so pretty (and smelled so divine) that we planted more and more. If spring hasn’t “sprung” where you are yet, be patient, it’s on its way!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

One thought on “Spring has sprung in Charleston, SC!

  1. Heather locke

    I was telling Bob yesterday hat I love the fragrance of gardenia, but it is too cold here for them to survive. We need to go a distance before spring arrives, but we know it is coming.

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