Ahhh, the peacefulness of this…

A Visual Deep Breath

This visual deep breath image was taken at Bowens Island Seafood restaurant. Have you been? If not, I highly suggest if you are in Charleston, SC! If you go around sunset you will have an even bigger treat. The view is stunning. It’s so beautiful in that location. From this photo you wouldn’t know you’re a short walk from a busy restaurant serving up fabulous, fresh seafood.

This image is simple and striking at the same time. If this were a painting I would comment on the fabulous texture, the light and how I love the blades of grass weaving between each other. An image can evoke the same responses as a painting.

The colors of nature are so beautiful, aren’t they? I think taking time to appreciate our surroundings helps to make us happier. Like they say, walking outside beats walking on a treadmill for anxiety, stress and all the cumulative feelings of busy day after busy day. If you can get outside and notice the flowers blooming, the marsh grasses dancing in the wind, the affect that sunlight has on it’s subject, the swoosh of the water, the reflections in a puddle… the list goes on – it makes all the difference in the world!

Catch you back here tomorrow!




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