Lettuce Rejoice!

Lettuce Rejoice!


Heehee… couldn’t resist that one! I was making a salad for lunch the other day. Sun was streaming in the window and my lettuce was just screaming for its portrait to be taken!

I love a good salad for lunch. Especially with the house roasted turkey breast from Whole Foods, a little cheddar, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots and radishes. Tasty!

Charlie (🐾) loves when I make salad. Two for me, one for Charlie… Since he’s on an ultra low fat diet because of a past history of pancreatitis, he is given veggies as “treats”. He loves them. It’s not safe for dogs to eat all veggies, so I always Google before I give him something I’m not sure about. His safe list (and his favorites) are:

Frozen haricot verts (French green beans), sliced carrots, peeled and sliced cucumber – without seeds, sliced radishes, small amounts of red cabbage (I love to hear that crunch!), sliced zucchini, LETTUCE, specifically romaine (again… the crunch!).

He turns down very little… celery and apples (even peeled) he is adamant about. No. Way!

Catch you back here tomorrow!




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