Hello! It’s Me…

Hello! It’s me…

They say you should pick a clever title to entice people to read further. Writing a daily blog it’s not always easy to come up with something catchy. If you look at this image, it’s more than marsh grass, it’s me waving at you.  I have my left hand up, right hand is taking the photo.

This was taken at the Shem Creek Park in Mt. Pleasant – a wonderful place to take a walk! It goes out over the water across from the shrimp boats at Shem Creek. Walk to the end to see marine “traffic”, the comings and goings of both boats and people (paddle boards, kayaks, etc.) – Sunsets can be stunning from this location!

I am an Adele fan, love her music. When I attached this image the title came to me right away. Hello! It’s me… click to watch the video by Adele in caseyou haven’t seen/heard it already! As I post this, the video has been viewed

2 BILLION 521 MILLION 742 THOUSAND and 354 times!

2,521,742,354 is nothing to sneeze at – Whoa!

Happy weekend!! Catch you back here tomorrow!





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