Featured Artist: Paul Hastings!

Flying Colors by Paul Hastings 54×54″ Oil

Paul Hastings. What a creative guy! His paintings include wildlife, still life, landscapes, etc. but he also has some in the surrealism category (such as the painting above). I think this painting gives you a bird’s eye view of what they see.

I always feature the painting that caught my eye first. Flying Colors was that painting. This and the others in the surrealism category make me smile, but be sure to check out Paul’s other paintings, they are fabulous as well! Click the link below to view this painting larger on Paul’s website.

See more of Paul’s work via these links:

Website  | Instagram  |  View painting on website


Paul Hastings is an artist who easily moves from landscapes, to still life, to surrealism in his chosen medium, oil painting. In an age of specialization, he is blatantly versatile. His landscapes feature bright, intense color bordering on the surreal with an emphasis on amplified perspective. The accentuated shadows and aggressive highlights of his still lives give them a believability that begs a “touch” to see if the paintings are truly two dimensional.

His breathtaking landscapes are a product of frequent travels throughout the Southeast -stretching from the high country of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the costal lowlands and the Florida Everglades. It’s Paul’s artistic quest to capture a specific moment in time on each canvas. Enhancing the subtleties of light and shadows in cloud formations against an artfully blended sky has become a trademark recognizable in virtually all of his work. Accompanying Paul’s hyper-realistic works is a body of surrealistic paintings that combine his mastery of realism and his unbounded creativity to couple seemingly disparate elements of the natural world into cohesive and plausible flights of fancy. Fish fly, animals change their spots and earn their stripes, and landscapes are transformed into intensely colorful showcases for these adventures on canvas.

Paul is a self-educated artists who never stops studying and perfecting his craft through private lessons, workshops, and hours of independent study. His enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for producing new and ever more accomplished works keeps his patrons coming to his studio to see “what’s new?” His studio is a meeting place for artists and craftsman of all skill levels and mediums.

“The process of visualizing and creating art is what compels me to be in the studio daily, building and preparing canvases, mixing paint, and glazing on color is my satisfaction. The finished product ultimately providing enjoyment in someone’s home is the ‘icing on the cake” – quotes the artist.

Paul’s paintings grace homes and commercial buildings throughout the US, and he has been presenting his work in shows and galleries since 1999.

Read more about Paul via the BIO link above – Catch you back here tomorrow!


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