David Williams: Moving Sale That Can’t Be Beat!

Down the Lane by David Williams 36×36″ Oil

David Williams is an artist who’s work I have admired for some time now. His interpretations of his surroundings, his ability to paint light that makes you stop in your tracks and to create stunning still life’s is beyond comprehension. It’s been a treasure to receive newsletters with his latest work and to watch his paintings appear on Facebook and Instagram.

David lives out in the country, not far from Washington D.C. – and he will soon be moving to Europe. He probably doesn’t need to cart all of his paintings along with him, so he’s having a MOVING SALE. This is one heck of a sale. If you are a fan of David’s work, now is most likely the only chance at a sale that you will ever run across. I am happy we all still have social media to follow his ventures. David, I wish you all the success in the world!

Down the Lane (the featured painting) is just one example of his many subjects. I love this path, I believe this is the path that David hikes regularly in Virginia. He’s painted it many different ways, each as stunning as the next, but also very different!

I have no idea how anyone could only pick one painting. Each and every one is dynamic, well thought out, with great strokes and a fabulous palette. Take a peek for yourself. Here’s a blip from David about his sale:

I’m having a studio moving sale and all paintings in studio, are fifty percent off if framed and fifty five percent off unframed. Sales tax will be added.
In 23 years I’ve never had a sale on everything, so this is likely your one and only opportunity. Open studio sale begins right now. The actual open studio will be held June 22 and 23. Available inventory can be viewed by clicking the link in my bio.. If you want something, DM or email.

See more of David’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  SALE Link


David Williams began painting as a child, voraciously learning about oils, acrylics, watercolor and drawing. Being raised in the Virginia countryside, not far from Washington, DC., provided endless exploration of field and forest, as well as all the arts of Washington. David mentored with master artists from around the country, studying painting through workshops rather than art school. He studied academic figure drawing at the LA Academy of Figurative Art and the Virginia Museum Studio School. A professional artist since 1997, David’s paintings are immediately recognized for quiet composition and richly textured surfaces. His work has been exhibited nationally and is found in hundreds of collections. David Williams’ artwork is a continuing celebration of form, light and atmosphere.


My artworks are influenced by nature, painting on location and the understanding of color, brushwork and design developing from the practice. Using a simple composition, with a few major shapes as a starting point, a finished painting emerges. Working in oil, with a limited palette of five or six colors, a natural color harmony occurs. My brushwork is broadly applied and accentuated by generously layered, textural paint, creating a nearly sculptural quality. In their approach, my paintings are contemporary realism. With a primary interest in simplified form I explore naturalistic landscapes and parts of our built environment evoking nostalgia and a sense of place.

My lifestyle is fairly simple and contained, nature oriented and also punctuated by new things; my artwork reflects this personal aesthetic. Visually describing a subject without unnecessary embellishment and allowing the viewer to quietly participate is the experience my artwork offers.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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