Quick and Healthy Tacos with Chicken, Guac & Pico/Corn Salsa!

Quick and Healthy Tacos with Chicken, Guac & Pico/Corn Salsa!

OOOOh, this is good, really, really good. So easy that it really doesn’t need a recipe. Add what you like. I used chicken breasts. Coated with olive oil and sprinkled with chili powder, paprika and pepper. Sometimes I sauté and sometimes Fred will grill. This time they were grilled. Either way near the end I squeeze a little lime (actually this time I added it to the olive oil/spices, but either will work). Once the chicken is done, cut into strips.

Heat your tortilla’s (I do it over an open gas flame, but you can heat however you like) – Then add the chicken and toppings to your tortillas. We sprinkled a little pepper jack cheese, and topped with Pico and Corn Salsa (Whole Foods prepared section) and Guacamole (also WF prepared section). This was outstanding!!

Note my S’well tumbler. I love this thing, I use it all day long. Iced coffee, green tea, water, it keeps your drink cold for hours. It’s crazy good! I have the taller tumbler as well, but we seem to knock it over easily. So I prefer this shorter model, it still holds plenty (10 oz. vs. 18 oz)!


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