The Warmest Welcome… Always!

The Warmest Welcome… Always!

Recently my sister was in town visiting. We would be in and out all day long. Each and every time, Charlie is there to greet us with an enthusiastic HELLO! He was thrilled to have another person to run to the fridge and get him a carrot or frozen green bean.

Seeing this face (or any dogs face) greeting us at the door is such a wonderful welcome, isn’t it? When you lose a dog that is one of the hardest things to get over. Coming home. When you walk in the door you still expect them to be wagging their tail excitedly. Thankful that Charlie is doing well and is there to greet! It’s the little things in life that mean the most!

On another note…

🙏 Some of you may recall a few posts of mine mentioning a hiker that went missing August 1, 2018. Samantha Sayers, the daughter of a woman I went to high school with way back when. Samantha has not been found as of yet. The mountains have been searched (for months, extensively). Any thoughts/prayers/warm wishes for her today… praying that she is found and brought home. Two miracles – the continued search for #samanthasayers and the battle for her mom to #kickcancersass (She is an inspiration!)

One year365 days. BUT, as Lisa says, #itsjustanumber. She can still be found. Pray that she is… and soon!

For the positive people in the world… FB Group: Love, Light and 2 Miracles 🙏

Catch you back here tomorrow!





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