Violet in the Window: I THOUGHT this looked good, but…

Violet in the window… I THOUGHT this looked good, but…

I have a few violets that do so well. They love the location they’re in. I am careful to only water from the bottom and to pull of dead blooms giving the plant more energy. This one was given to us from a sweet neighbor when our Jack Russell, Reginald, passed away back in 2007.

Well… this started as a small (not miniature) violet and has quickly grown quite large. Every so often you have to pull off the bottom leaves and also repot – well, I guess “we” (Fred, bless him!) haven’t repotted in a while because when I pulled off the leaves that were going, the entire plant plopped over (“EMERGENCY REPOT!”). The neck (portion where leaves used to be that needs to be planted back into dirt)  had gotten too long. So we bought a bit larger pot. I read somewhere that the diameter of the pot should be 1/3 the diameter of the plant. This thing was huge (24″). Instead of upsizing you’re pot, when you pull off the bottom leaves the diameter lessens dramatically no longer calling for the large pot. What I read said to keep using the same pot. Whatever the length of the neck that you bury is what you should cut off the bottom of the roots.

Now that I’m looking at it. I think the pot may still be too large. Read this article for yourself, it’s full of great information – link is from

African violets: Restoring or Restarting

Catch you back here tomorrow!





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